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    Var Dump will display the variable type, object class or resource type, using different colors to distinguish different types of variables.Var Dump can be called with a single function (vd::dump), passing it an argument for the variable that is meant to be inspected.
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    An hierarchic data structure, that can be accessed as a tree of nested objects is built from the result of parsing an YAML file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Array and Object Handling can be used to perform several types of manipulation operations of arrays and objects.Array and Object Handling could do this below:- Swap the position of two array elements- Recreate the indexes of an array to make them start from 0 and end in array element count minus one.- Get the index key of the last element- ...
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    A singleton script assures that only one object of the script exists at one time, Singleton design patterns script makes it easy to instanciate and manipulate singleton scripts. Multiple attempts to create an object of a singleton script always return the same script instance.
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    The default implementation of property setter and getter functions is provided by a base abstract class. Concrete model classes are derived from the base abstract class.Objects of a model class can be created either directly instantiating the class or calling a factory class that takes care of automatically loading the class from a directory where model class files reside.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Object Manager serializes and unserializes objects to store and retrieve it in a given table. It can also query, update and delete an object given the identifier used to store it in the MySQL table.The tables necessary in order to store objects of different classes are also created.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The XML document is parsed and node objects are created. The node object hierarchy can be traversed to go to parent, to child nodes or sibling nodes.The document nodes can be modified or added. The modified document can be regenerated in XML format.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Object Generator generates the Data Access Object (DAO) classes by retrieving the structure of database tables.Object Generator have:- Set and Get functions for each table field.- A function which can retrieve the data from a table record just passing the its id primary key value.Limitations:Object Generator comments are in Spanish.
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    Observerable is created to define an observer design patterns interface, the observer interface will be used to define a function for observer classes which is called when observed objects are updated. There's another class in this script to be responsible for keeping track of all observer object. It can add and remove observer objects and notify the observers when the ...
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    Node Tree can be used to manipulate an hierarchy of objects stored in a MySQL database. It provides basic methods (actions) that includes adding, editing, deleting, copying, moving and sorting object nodes.Node Tree includes scripts that provide a Web interface to manipulate the object hierarchy. Database query debug information is dumped at the end of the scripts.The node classes can ...
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    Hierachical Data Object can be used to create and manipulate hierachical objects that can be stored and retrieved from XML documents. It provides means to define an object and their property values, as well to add children object and so dynamically build an hierarchy of objects.Hierachical Data Object can generate XML documents that represent the hierarchy defined by an object ...
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    ClassBuilder can retrieve the information about the fields of a given MySQL table and generates code for a class that can perform several types of actions to access the table records as if they were objects.Objects can be created, saved to the table or retrieved by primary key.Variables associated to each table column can also be set.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    Magic Array is an enahcement of the ArrayObject class, in order to treat class objects as arrays.Magic Array provides functionality like allowing array keys to be case insensitive and can remove array entries by entry value.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP Array to Javascript can be used to convert PHP associative arrays to Javascript objects that have properties set with the PHP array entries.PHP Array to Javascript traverses the entries of one or more associative arrays recursively and generates code that define Javascript objects.The names of the object properties are the keys of the array entries. The property values are ...
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    Arrays, objects and even scalar variables, such as strings, integers, etc., can be dumped in plain text or HTML.
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