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    Convert MySQL tables to PHP class retrieves the list of tables and information about their fields from a specified MySQL database. It can generate code for classes that can be used to access the respective MySQL table records as if they were objects. The generated classes can have getter and setter functions for each table field, functions to insert or ...
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    Array to Object converter takes an array an assigns the variables of the class with the values of the array entries with the same name. Array entries with array values are also recursively being converted to objects. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    classDataObject executes SELECT questions to a database table and retrieves records into arrays. It can generate pagination links to browse listings of table records split in many pages. classDataObject can also execute INSERT and UPDATE queries to set table records with data from array parameters. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several classes provide access to MySQL database tables in order to create, read, update and delete database table rows as if they were objects. Requirements: PHP 5.2.9 or higher
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    The Complete Array Object can be used to make sure that the type of the array entries is one of the several possible ones. The CompleteArrayObject class extends the TypedArrayObject to provide other features. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    The definition of objects can be composed in order to be visualized by the JIT library with Tool_JIT. When all objects are composed, Tool_JIT generates a string in JSON with the details of the definition of the objects.
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    PersistentObject encapsulates a database table row as an instance of a class. PersistentObject intends to remove a lot of code for loading and saving objects into and from MySQL databases.
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    Sorted List extends the double linked list class by Oddleif Halvorsen to implement lists of objects that are sorted. Sorted List can sort the list element objects once they are added to the list. The sorting order is always ascending.
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    The references to the object can be used by other classes without recreating them.
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    The deluxe box is a simple box with minimization support.Limitations: Because of differences in the Document Object Models across different browsers, Servlet can only work in IE.
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    ubNode can take an object and generate a XML document file that contains a representation of the object structure.ubNode can also create an object from the structure defined in an XML document.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Template Handler sets template objects which are contained within the template file. Objects can be set multiple times within the same script with each "setObject" content appending to the previous.Additionally, the template can also contain PHP code, and Template Handler will be correctly evaluated and displayed.
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    SQL SELECT queries can be executed and the fields of each result set row can be retrieved into class variables.Object based MySQL can also insert or update records of a table getting the values from class variables with the same name as the fields.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP_FTP is created, a file is retrieved or sent and then the object is killed with kill().
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    MySQL Object provides a few classes that execute several types of queries and extend the ArrayObject class to access the query results as if that was an array.Additional classes are used to traverse generic query result rows, traverse query result row columns, traverse the query result columns names and types.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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