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    Turtle Muddler can be used to obfuscate PHP code to make it unreadable to humans. It can parse PHP code to find all functions, classes, variables and change they names into random name like "xCQW322".Then Turtle Muddler can also remove comments and white space from the resulting obfuscated code.
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    strob is a simple class that can obfuscate text that can be used in Web pages and can difficult harvesting by spammer Web crawling robots.strob works by converting text characters into equivalent HTML entities. It can also generate mailto: links replacing e-mail address and anchor text by equivalent representations that are obfuscated.
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    PHP Code Buster can be used to obfuscate PHP code making it unreadable to humans.PHP Code Buster uses the PHP tokenizer functions to parse PHP source code and rewrite it eliminating comments or white space, and replacing the variable names with names that do not hint the variables original purpose.
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    Link Obfuscator is meant to generate obfuscated HTML links in a way that is possible to detect whether the a page was accessed following a real link or went directly to a given page.This way the class can be used to disallow users to freely navigate in a site without going through the intended pages, preventing direct access to pages ...
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    Encode And Optimize PHP can obfuscate and compact PHP source code files. It can process a PHP source code file and replace characters in text strings by the corresponding hexadecimal representation, making the code harder to read and understand what it does.Encode And Optimize PHP can also compact the PHP source code files by eliminating comments, white spaces and empty ...
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    Javascript Obfuscator is meant to parse Javascript source code to rewrite obfuscated equivalent version.The obfuscation is done by removing unnecessary remarks, white spaces, carriage returns and other non-functional characters from the source code.
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    PHP-Obfuscator is the tokenizer extension used to parse the PHP scripts. PHP-Obfuscator removes the comments from the script tokens list and generates the obfuscated version of the script. It is a free PHP code generator. It can also generate alternative versions of the script that uncompresses and decodes the code using the base64 algorithm. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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