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  1. tmhOAuth
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    tmhOAuth is a PHP library for the OAuth 1.0A standard. OAuth is an open standard for authorization, used with many renowned web services around, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.. Even if the OAuth 1.0A standard has been deprecated for version 2.0, most sites still use it. Requirements:- PHP 5.1.2 or Higher Limitations:- Still in development. Might change drastically from version ...
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    lib_oauth is a PHP library for working with OAuth in PHP 4.x. It is only works with the older version of OAuth, 1.0a, so it can only be used for apps not yet updated to OAuth2. Features of lib_oauth:- Flickr compatibility- POST support- cURL support Requirements:- PHP 4 only
  3. Twitter-async
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    Twitter-async is a PHP library to build a "Sign in with Twitter" login system. Basically, the library is a wrapper for Twitter's OAuth API, with support for asynchronous calls. It enables the programmer easily integrate with Twitter's REST API using either basic authentication or OAuth. Simple tests are included in the download package.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
  4. TwitPic API for PHP
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    This PHP script uses OAuth for authenticating on Twitter Pictures (TwiPic).Interact with all of TwitPic's features via this small open-source PHP script.Requirements:- PHP 5. 3 or Higher- HTTP_OAuth PEAR package- HTTP_Request2 PEAR package
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    Zend Framework OAuth consumer package was used in this PHP script tp generate a token for accessing the Twitte API on behalf of the current siet user. Redirecting to use the Twitter site, this PHP script helps verify the user permission and handle the request to receive the validated OAuth token. Moreover, OAuth Twitter can access the Twitter API using ...
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