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    Numero por extenso is meant to spell quantity numbers using brazilian portuguese words. The idea of the class is inspired in a similar class by another developer english that spells numbers using english words.Numero por extenso can optionally capitalize the initials and the portuguese words that represent the given number.Limitations:The comments and the documentation are in portuguese.
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    Numbers2words class converts numbers to words. Numbers range from 0 to 999.999.999.999.999. For british (GB) numbers the class must be call with a optional second argument = 1. ]Example:British (GB)n2w('1000000000',1) gives "one milliard"n2w('1000000000000',1) gives "one billion"American (US/FR)n2w('1000000000') gives "one billion"n2w('1000000000000') gives "one trillion"
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    Prime is a simple script that is meant to determine whether an integer number prime, i.e. it is divisible only by itself or 1.
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    Roman Numeral Conversion can convert decimal numbers to Roman representation and vice-versa.
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    Terbilang is meant to translate numbers into words in Indonesian or Malay Language.
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    Hex2Bin makes a conversion of hex numbers into binary strings.
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    conv.class can convert a string or a number format into a currency format. It also can convert an MySQL date format into German date format and vice-versa.
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    VAT Checker can check whether an VAT (Value Added Tax) number is valid according to rules of each European country. It loads VAT number structure using regular expressions for each European country defined in a separate XML file.If the given VAT number structure is correct, the class checks the VIES site (VAT Information Exchange System) to verify whether the VAT ...
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    Arabic and Roman Numeral Convertor can validate and convert numbers between the Arabic format used nowadays by everebody and the representation format used in the Roman empire days.
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    Numero a Letra is meant to spell quantity numbers using Spanish words.It provides options to spell the quantities with either male or female gender, specify the currency when the quantity refers to money, specify the case of the words as well a prefix and a suffix to be returned with the text.Limitations:The source code and comments are in Spanish.
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    numeroaletra class performs the translation of numbers to letters in Spanish and numbers to euros.
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    Numtoword class can spell a number returning its textual representation. It can spell integer and decimal amount values.Numtoword supports spelling ammounts in multiple idioms: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Brazilian Portuguese.
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