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    Integers to words takes a number between 1 and 99999999 and converts it into words that express the number in English. Crores and Lakhs are used to express very high numbers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Any integer and decimal amount between 0 and 999999999 Rupees, can be spelled.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Amount to Word takes a specified amount value and outputs its textual representation.
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    Big Number Calculator can be used to add arbitrary precision numbers in pure PHP.Big Number Calculator takes two decimal numbers represented as strings of unlimited length and performs an addition digit by digit. The result is another decimal number represented as a string.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Numeric TTS can be used to generate audio to spell numbers using different voices and idioms. It generates a audio files in the WAVE format by concatenation audio samples that spell the digits of a number.The digit audio samples are available for male and female voices in English and Arabic. The resulting audio sample can be stored in a file ...
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    Number to word class can be used to spell numbers in French in a way that respects the particularities of the French language.Number to word class also supports spelling numbers in English and German and can be adapted to support other idioms.Number to word class can spell numbers between 0 to 999 999 999 999 999 999.
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    num2words can be used to spell numbers in the Portuguese idiom.It was adapted from the class baa2words originally written from Barry Andrew to spell numbers in Portuguese rather than in English.
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    NumPer can be used to spell numbers in the Persian idiom.NumPer can decompose any number between 0 and 999999999999 and return a text string that spells the number in Persian. The returned text is encoded using UTF-8 .
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    Cifra class can be used to convert numbers between representation formats. Currently it can convert between the number formats: decimal (Arabic), roman, any other base.
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    Generate Number Code is a very simple class that can be used to generate random numbers.Generate Number Code can generate a number with a fixed number of digits. Optionally it may return the number as a string padded with spaces or zeros.
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    Secure Number Image Creator is a simple class that can be used to generate an image with a random number or text.It can compute a random number, render the number or a given text in an image using the GD extension and then output the image in the GIF format.
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    floIncrementor can be used to increment one number by another number (i.e. add two numbers), with an adjustable degree of precision.floIncrementor supports the ability to undo and redo the addition operations.The class may also restrict the acceptable results to a given range. It may also associate given comments to each incrementing execution and execute incrementation on previous results.
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    Number2Words is a simple class that can be used to spell a number using English words.
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    Imaginary Numbers class allows you to manipulates imaginary numbers.For Example:$z = new Z("4i 3"); $i->Add(3,4); $i->Div("5e-j37"); ... etc
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    Numbers2words_it is the Italian version of the Numbers2words class. It converts numeric values to Italian words to express quantities or money in Euros.
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