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    Strings containing mathematical expressions using the Polish notation of Jan Lukasiewicz, are parsed and evaluated. The expressions are made of variables, constant values and operators. It supports both arithmetic and logical operators.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Spanish.
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    Calculator can be used to perform simple mathematical operations.Currently Calculator can:- Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers- Find roots of an equation, if any- Base calculations- Simple geometrical calculations for circles and triangles- Fractional notation of a number
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    SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This class can be used to name and reference the templates using a dotted notation like on ModeliXe.SmartyX inheriting all the functionalities of Smarty.The console of debug of Smarty was changed to take into account the dotted notation and the cache identifiers of the templates.
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