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    XML Manipulation can parse XML documents and find nodes with a given name that have an attribute set to a given name.An array is used to return the nodes that are found.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SimpleXML for PHP can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function.Document nodes are reorganized and parsed in order to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    There is a base tree class that manages an hierarchy of node objects. A renderer sub-class takes care of traversing the tree and rendering a representation of each node in an image.The text, image, width and height associated with each node can be configured. The colors of the image background, node, node links and node text are configurable.The node link ...
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    XML documents can be opened, parsed and changed. Nodes can be added and cloned, attributes can be set and removed and children can be inserted.
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    Nested Nodes Class can be used to manage hierarchies of records stored in MySQL database tables.Features of Nested Nodes Class:- Works on any existing MySQL table provided that the table has three mandatory fields for the record id , position and order- Support adding, updating and deleting nodes and the respective children- Display the hierarchies as HTML nested lists or ...
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    Clean XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. It parses the XML document from a file or string, and builds an nested array with nodes for each document tag.
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    Celko Visitation Model can be use to manipulate hierarchic trees of records stored in a MySQL database using Joe Celko visitation model. It can perform the following tasks in a very effecient way mostly using one SELECT query statement. Features of Celko Visitation Model:- Find out leaf nodes in the current tree (nodes have no children)- Find out nodes of ...
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    Double-Linked List class can be used to manage circular double-linked lists of objects. There is one list class and a base node class.The list class provides functions for adding nodes, iterating over the node list in the forward or backwards directions, remove one or all nodes.
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    pConfig can be used to create and manage hierarchical configuration files. The configuration is defined as a tree of unlimited depth on which the nodes may contain any type of values.The class read and write the configuration to files. The class supports writing configuration files in a protected mode, which consists of generating a PHP script file that does not ...
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    Kruskal implements the Kruskal algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree that traverses a given set of nodes of a graph.A graph is described as set of nodes and arcs connecting them. The class takes an associative array that has as indexes the letters of the starting and ending node.The respective array entry values represent the cost of traversing two ...
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    The XmlNode class is intended for developers who need to generate an XML or XHTML document on-the-fly. It requires PHP 5 support for defining the interface WritableDocument that is implemented by different XML node classes.
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    MPTTA for PHP and MySQL is a script can manage hierarchic trees of information stored in a MySQL database. It can add, move or delete branches inside a database tree created using the Modified Preorder Tree Traversal Algorithm described by Joe Celko in the DBMS Magazine in 1996. MPTTA for PHP and MySQL can run using PHP 4 and MySQL ...
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    xml2tree is effectively a library class for reading/writing/displaying XML documents, for manipulating them in memory by adding/deleting/changing attribute values and child nodes, and for extracting specific nodes from larger XML objects. xml2tree is written entirely in PHP (as a file to "require"), and depends on no other software, tools, libraries etc.
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