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    Noostr is a social news aggregator written in PHP, which just like Hacker News and Reddit, allowing users to register, share and read community news. Features of Noostr:- Graphic installer- Easy administration- User accounts- Rating system- Comment on news- News submission system- Upgrade script- Themeable Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- MySQL 5 or Higher Limitations:- Works only if installed in ...
  2. WordPress News Ticker
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    WordPress News Ticker is a news ticker plugin for WordPress. It can be used to show a news ticker with the latest articles from one of the site's categories. Te ticker is embeddable as a widget on any of WP's sidebars.News articles can be shown using a reveal or fade animation effect. The number of recent posts to show can ...
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    Google World News Grabber grabs the lastest news items from Google news. The news gathered can be from any number of pages including using your own specific search terms! Display is in a neatly formed table, however with any HTML knowledge this can be modified quite easily. Also, the number of results can be modified.
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    NewsBox can be used to display random news items store in a file. It reads a file with multiple news items separated with a special character sequence. NewsBox shuffles the news items and makes them appear in a HTML scrolling on marquee.
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    Use Backstage Neopets Networks Neopets News Finder to find neopets news. It will find Captions, Better than You Challengers, ShopKeepers, 1 player battledome challengers, petpetpets, neogreetings, kacheek seek maps, and premium collectible cards. To use Backstage Neopets Networks Neopets News Finder, you will need a server with PHP and chmod access.
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    Features of WasArrested.com Fake News Story Builder:- Users LOVE this service! It's unique, it's never been seen and there is no other website that provides such an elaborate prank. - Your user’s don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use this system. It's a simple form fill and submit to receive the link. Then.. they send it to their ...
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    news_parser_4 is a news feed system that ties into moreover.com for xml news feeds.
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    networknews is a class to browse and read the news articles and groups on an NNTP server.
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    Google It is meant to get the latest headline from Google news site. You can choose a topic and the class will retrive the latest topic headline so you can display it in your site.
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    This module was originaly designed for CsCPortal™, but after some period it was able to download as a separate script. This script let you have a very nice and comfortable Wap site. CsCP WapSite has many functions, such are: News system, File system manager etc. Also it has abillity to let you create, very easy, a powerful page. In creation ...
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    phpwsListings is a PHPWebSite module that allows a site admin to run a listings site for virtually any type of item, from houses to cars to books. Admins can set the fields and field types, and all fields are searchable.
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    PHP Application Server simplifies the development of Web applications and sites. It creates the environment of Web development in which the user will do not need special knowledge of designing and programming Web applications. You will be able create your own sites using a simple Web interface, premade modules, and applications (like Forum, YellowPages, News, etc.).
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