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    phpIP2Country can be used to determine the country of a given IP searching in an IP range database. It accesses a SQL database that has a table with the countries associated to each known IP range.The IP address to check is searched to determine which IP range it belongs. If its IP range is found, the class returns the associated ...
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    LDAP class can be used to access and manipulate data in servers accessible using the LDAP protocol. It can connect to a given LDAP server, optionally with TLS to use a secure connection.LDAP class can perform general directory searches or restrict the search to a given directory sub-tree or just one directory level. It can also add, remove or modify ...
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    Jaduka API Class can be used to access a public telephone network using the Jaduka Web services API.Jaduka API Class accesses the Jaduka API Web server with a given API user and key, and executes several types of operations like:- Create virtual phone account- Recharge the PIN balance- Set the PIN status- Set calling plan by PIN- Get rates and ...
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    Portscan is a simple class that can be used to check whether TCP/IP ports are opened for connection. It attempts to connect to a given port of a machine in the Internet with a given IP address.Portscan returns the information of whether the machine accepted the connection within a given timeout period. It comes with a separate script with a ...
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    Net_Sieve enables you to talk to the timsieved server that comes with Cyrus IMAP.This means you can install, list, update and set active Sieve scripts. It requires the Net_Socket class, which in turn relies on the PEAR library. It has only been tested with Cyrus 2.0.16.
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    htmlSQL is a experimental PHP class which allows you to access HTML values by an SQL like syntax. This means that you don't have to write complex functions (regular expressions) to extract specific values. All web transfers in htmlSQL are using the Snoopy class (package version 1.2.3). But for file or string queries Snoopy is not required. You find all ...
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    Client Socket is a wrapper to establish client network connections. It supports Unix domain, UDP and TCP connections. It can handle IP V4 and V6 connection.Client Socket can establish a socket connection to a given host and port. It can also send and receive data.
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    Qserv can be used as a base to create TCP socked based networking servers. It can handle connection requests and calls event handling functions that maybe overridden by subclasses to implement server application specific behavior.Qserv provides the event handling functions: onincomming, onaccept, onclose, onstart, onshutdown and onstartlisten. Alternatively, it can also call application defined callback functions to handle server events.
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    Socket handler can be used to implement TCP/IP clients using socket connections. It can establish persistent and non-persistent connections to a server with a given IP address and port. The connection timeout period is configurable.Socket handler can send and receive data from the server. The server response can be retrieved line by line or in data chunks of variable size. ...
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    Class to execute the basic commands of a FTP client program. It provides fast access to both the local and remote operations.
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    Pure PHP syslog client can be used to log data to a RFC 3164 compliant syslog facility server. Syslog class is an implementation in PHP following the RFC 3164 rules. Using this class, it is possible to send syslog messages to external servers.Pure PHP syslog client establishes an UDP connection to syslog facility server given its IP address. Then it ...
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    Most browsers usually send the URL of a page the user accessed before and clicked on a link or submited a form that lead to the current page. That information is usually passed to PHP scripts in HTTP_REFERER environment variable.CReferrer is meant to parse the HTTP referer URL of the page that lead the user to the current page and ...
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    CIDR Table is meant to manipulate CIDR network addresses. The CIDR table class takes a network address that is stored in the form of an array of bits.CIDR Table may convert the CIDR address into the format of decimal numbers separated of dots. It may also display the address using an HTML table.
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    PSIGate classes can process payment transaction requests using the PSIGate payments gateway.PSIGate classes can generate a payment request in XML format, posts it to gateway server using HTTP via a secure connection and then it parses the response in XML to extract the results.PSIGate classes requires the Curl library to post a secure request to the paymemt gateway server.
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    Provides basic classes to generate VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files. Very basic in comparison with java3D API, just for learning purpose.
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