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    Simple Gallery retrieves the list of GIF, JPEG and PNG images files in a given directory and displays thumbnails of the images in a table with links to pages where each image is displayed individually.The table has a configurable number of columns and rows. When there are more images to display than those that fit in table, navigation links are ...
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    Highly Configurable breadcrumbs script that takes your directory structure and does whatever you want with it!! Features of Breadcrumbs: - Homepage Naming, - Symbol Separators, - Case Formatting, - Show Filename, - Hide File Extension, - Special Formatting, - Use Images, - Directory Aliasing, - Filename Aliasing, - Link If Index, - Use CSS Styles, - Replace Directory Underscores,- Hide ...
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    Directories and their links are displayed in a path of the form "Home > Firstdir > Seconddir > Etc. > filename.php"Key Features of Breadcrumbs:- Homepage Naming- Symbol Separators- Case Formatting- Show Filename- Hide File Extension- Special Formatting- Use Images- Directory Aliasing- Filename Aliasing- Link If Index- Use CSS Styles- Replace Directory Underscores- Hide Directory from Breadcrumb- Link Filename- Frameset Target- ...
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    PHP Breadcrumbs Class is a little helper PHP class that will let you create and manage your breadcrumbs.Everything is very simple (as it always is when using Object Oriented Programing) and you should be able to figure it all out by reading into the documentation and to the example file. As usually, everything is template driven!
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    Site Guide can be used to generate windows with information to guide users through the pages of a site. It opens a dragable window with information with information about a site page.The window shows information text about each page and navigation buttons to move on to the next or previous page in the site guide.Requirements:PHP 4.0
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    With the Orca Ringmaker, it's easy to create and manage your own ring of websites. Comes with many intuitive administration and editing features all accessible though a full-featured web GUI. With dynamically interchangable themes, the Ringmaker is designed to fit into any existing layout, or just by itself.Many cool features of Orca Ringmaker: - editable navigation bars, - eight weeks ...
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    Orange and greens to match the faerie banner at the top, navigation links are buttons and the post buttons roll over to match the navigation menu. Homemade user CP at top as well as an area for news or topics_anywhere mod.UPDATED:Now for phpBB 2.0.21!
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    phpPagination is a PHP class to produce a ready-to-output HTML string with navigation links between multiple pages.phpPagination features smart output for intermediate pages (similar to phpBB). Its own output (text and styles) can be set for pagination elements such as first, last, prev, next, page, currentpage, separator, and delimiter.
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    Page Navigator 2 can be used to show navigation links to browse listings split in multiple pages. It takes the total number of entries in a listing and an optional limit number of entries to display per page.Page Navigator 2 shows a navigation bar made of HTML links similar to Google, to browse between the pages of the listing, considering ...
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    myPageDisplay can be used to display MySQL query results split between multiple HTML pages. It displays the query results data in an HTML table with a given limit of rows per page.myPageDisplay also generates navigation links to go to different listing pages and also to choose the column to sort the query results. The listing may show the results in ...
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    SPagin can be used to generate navigation HTML links for pagination of arbitrary listings split in multiple pages. It takes as parameters the limit number entries to display per page, total number of entries in the whole listing and the number of the current page.SPagin generates links using a base URL to go to the first page, last page, and ...
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    Paging for MySQL is a class that demonstrates how to build the Next and Previous links to navigate between pages of a given MySQL query results. It creates a page navigation bar like in Google.
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    Navigate through a website can be most irritating if the user is not well informed where he is and where he comes from. To prevent users from being lost the breadcrumbs method is one of the most suitable. SimpleXML, XPath and PHP 5 are perfect tools to create serious breadcrumbs positioning. Breadcrumbs navigation with PHP 5, SimpleXML, XPath and class ...
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    The big part of programming web applications is writing a lot of code - time-consuming. Classes are usefull to save time. This class is taking care of the menu handling. The XML file is easy to create: Main navigation and sub navigation differ only from the name of the node, the id of main and sub node must be the ...
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    Generates a navigation system for websites with expandable/collapsable sub menus. Menu elements can be hard coded into a seperate data file or taken from a MySQL database. The menu code is then generated in either CSS form or graphical buttons (which are also generated). the necassary CSS and javascript required is also generated depending on which style of menu is ...
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