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    GonxTabs creates HTML tab controls that are meant to switch between different content or aspects of a page.GonxTabs outputs HTML that displays tab navigation links decorated with nice images served by a class that containes built-in image data generated with img2php class.
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    TreeMenu can be used for frames and custom code.
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    Tab Menu takes an array that defines the name of all the tab labels and the respective URLs and render the tabs in an HTML table using normal links. The currently active tab just displays its label text.The tab menu may be aligned to the left, right or center of the page or container element. A label text can also ...
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    Paginacao Class takes a result set object of an already executed query with ADODB PageExecute function. It retrieves the total number of pages and total number of rows from the result set object.Paginacao Class generates a list of links to the first page, last page and any intermediate pages of the list of query results. Parameters, such as the base ...
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    An SQL query and the number of results to display per page, are passed as parameters.pnGenerator executes the query to obtain the total number of results and generates HTML links to browse to the next, previous and other pages over which the query results will be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The menus can have a tree-like structure.
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    An SQL query, the limit number of rows to display per page and the number of the current page, are taken as parameters.SimplePaginator calculates the range of rows to retrieve and executes the SQL query appending a LIMIT clause to retrieve only the rows to display on the current page.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Simple navigation takes as parameter an array that defines the URL, text and the title of the links.Simple navigation generates a HTML for a list of links and Javascript code to highlight the links with a different style when the user drags the mouse over each link.The normal and highlighted link colors can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MySQL Pagination can determine the number of rows returned by a query in order to calculate the total number of pages required to split the listing according to a specified per-page limit.A navigation bar with links to browse the listing can also be generated. MySQL Pagination also executes the query and returns an array with only the records to be ...
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    Bread crumbs takes the current page URI and splits it in several parts separated by slashes / . Several links pointing to the pages of each breadcrumb level, are generated.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The layout can be redefined.Key Features of Multipage forms class:- Sequential mode (Wizard mode): input fields appear in pages that are accessed in sequence using navigation buttons "Continue >>", ">" and "Cancel".- Random access mode (Tabbed pages mode): input fields appear in pages that may be accessed in any order using buttons at the top to go directly to each ...
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    An array with the rows of data to display, the number of the current page and the limit number of rows to display per page, is passed to the class.arromat can then be used to retrieve the data of each row that will be displayed in the current page, as well parameters to generate links to navigate between the diferent ...
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    Breadcrumb navigation can generate bread crumb like navigation bars. Links can be added dynamically to a navigation bar specifying link label and its URL.Breadcrumb navigation outputs an HTML unordered list of navigation links. The links presentation can be configured using CSS stylesheets.
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    All cells and rows of the table are traversed and filled with the data defined in the base class.Key Features of Table wrapper base class:- XHTML compliant output- Built-in control of table, row and cell color, width, alignment, border width, CSS class and style- Split the table in several pages with a limited number of rows per page- Generate navigation ...
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    Drop Down Menu meant to generate simple drop down menus using HTML tables.Drop Down Menu permits the dynamic definition of menus and sub-menu items. It uses Javascript show or hide the menus and sub-menus. The presentation of the menus is defined using Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS).
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