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    Links are also generating for easy navigation between the pages.
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    Tab Menu Generator is a simple class to generate HTML tab menus. It may generate simple menus or pagination tabs that may switch the content of pages that is exhibited.Tab Menu Generator uses CSS combined with Javascript to switch the visible page contents.
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    Split SQL Selected results can execute a given query and retrieve the results to display in the current page, given the limit number of results to display per page.The HTML code to display linked page numbers that allow browsing to different pages of the listing, can also be returned.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Split Query Results takes as arguments the total number of entries in a listing and the limit number of listing entries to show per page. The current listing page is retrieved from a GET request parameter.Links to open the next, previous and intermediate pages get generated.The next and previous links can be displayed with a text string or as an ...
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    Regin's Pager can execute a given SQL query limiting the range of rows that are retrieved according to the limit number of results to show page, total number of rows in the result set, and the number of the listing page that is being displayed.Links for navigating to the next, previous, first, last and middle pages, are displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Result Pager takes as parameters the total number of items in the listing, the limit number of items to display per page and the number of the current page.Result Pager returns an array with the number of the first item and the range of items to show in the current page, the total number of pages, the need to present ...
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    Result set paging can take as parameters the total number of entries in the whole listing, the limit number of entries to display per page and the number of current page being displayed.A series of HTML links to navigate back and forth between the listing pages, get generated.
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    Simple Pager takes a parameter the total number of rows to list, the limit of rows to display per page, and the number of the current page.The total number of pages in the listing is calculated and the number of the row start, starts the current page.
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    Lista Paginacao Class executes a given MySQL query and displays the results in HTML tables. Navigation links are displayed to browse the listing that may be split in multiple pages, each displaying a limited number of records. The odd and even rows are displayed with different background colors. Rows are highlighted with a different color when the user drags the ...
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    The total number of elements to display, the number to display per page and the current page number, can be configured.Webon Pgindx can generate HTML links up to a given limit to let the user go to the next, previous, first, last and any intermediate pages.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Page Magic is meant to generate pagination links for implementing navigation bars to let the user browse content split in multiple pages. It generates navigation bars that may contain links to go directly to the previous, next or any of the split pages.Each of the types of generated links is associated to class variables that contain the text templates that ...
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    Navigation links to go to the next, previous, last or any other listing page, can be generated.A123z Navigation Menu takes as parameters the total number of entries to split and the limit number of entries to display per page. The number of the current page is taken of a GET request parameter named page.
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    Scripts for image rollovers and menu pop-ups are automatically created along with links. An infinite number of menu levels are allowed.
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    CSS can be used to customize the menu presentation.
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    JavaScript is being used for updating the second input options according to the changes performed on the first one.Cascade Select comes with an example that defines the options for both input from data defined by arrays, and also an example that retrieves the options values from MySQL database query results.
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