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    HTTP Navigator is a set of PHP script for sending HTTP requests. HTTP messages can also be retrieved, which is inspired by the Perl LWP module. Features of HTTP Navigator:- Cookie tracking- Gzip support- File uploads- Proxy support- Connection caching- Chunked Encoding- Authentication support- Auto-redirects- CURL support- SSL support
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    Paginador Kenda takes as parameters the number of current page to display, the total number of entries in the listing, and the limit of entries to display per page.The HTML code to links to the next and previous pages, as well as the current page number, is returned.Limitations: The code, the comments and the class text output are in Spanish.
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    The trail can be later outputted. You can make a pretty crum navigation with this crumb .
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    basicMenu is simple to use and the menu can easily be customized.
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    URHere class displays "you are here" information in text, and link form relative to your path in the following format:Site > Directory > Sub Directory > PageURHere currently truncates the .php file extension, and uses > separators, but can be changed easily.
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    multiXPandMenu can create multi-level hierarchical menus based on a list of menu items and submenu items using DHTML. The items organized in the generated menu can be expanded and collapsed dynamically using Javascript, that is when the user clicks on a menu item, all corresponding submenu items are shown, or hidden if already visible.A good example of what it looks ...
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    The list is presented in a state-maintaining popup menu.
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    iH2H Menu implements a dynamic pull down menus using DHTML level 2. It provides functions to dynamically build menus and sub-menus of HTML links included in DIV sections. These sections are shown or hidden according to user input events.These events are handled by Javascript code generated by the class with assistance of a small Javascript function library file also supplied ...
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    XML Menu is intended to generate a hierarchic menu from a definition in XML that describes menu items and sub-menus.XML Menu uses the PHP XSLT extension to generate the menu with a XSL stylesheed to transform the menu XML definition in HTML and Javascript to handle the menu input events that expand and colapse the menus and sub-menus.
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    Tomeks Pagination can be used to generate links to navigate between pages of listings of database query results split in multiple pages. It uses sessions to pass the pagination state between pages. It can also output the content to be shown in each page with user defined functions.Tomeks Pagination can be configured to defined the number of links to other ...
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    The number of the current page and the last page are taken as parameters. PHP Paginacao Class generates links to go to the first, last, previous, next and any intermediate pages.The base link URL, the text of the links, and the link CSS style classes are configurable.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Portuguese
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    Page Creator generates the HTML links to navigate listings spread out over different pages. It is useful for displaying large amounts of records retrieved with database query, but can also be used for other purposes.Features of Page Creator:- Display configurable First, Last, Prev and Next links- Display a configurable limited number of pages at once that may be useful if ...
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    SPA Simple Paging Class can take a given SQL query or the name of a table to be queried and computes the total number of results that it would return.SPA Simple Paging Class takes the limit of query results to display and the number of the current listing page, and returns the SQL query string with a limit clause to ...
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    Smart Pagination can be used to generate navigation links to browse listings of entries split in multiple pages. It takes as parameters the total number of listing entries, the limit of entries to display per page and the number of the current page to display.Smart Pagination generates an header displaying the range of entries being displayed in the current page ...
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    Next-prev logic is built-in through swish.
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