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    PayPal Tabs is a simple class that can generate a navigation user interface based on tabs similar to those found in the Paypal site but without requiring create rollover images.The tabs can include text and icons.
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    Moving List is meant to assist in the creation of forms with pairs of multiple select inputs with buttons to move options between each of the select inputs.Moving List is useful to manage lists of values that are made of a limited set of known options. It does not generate the form inputs. It just generates the necessary Javascript code ...
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    HTML tables are used to lay out the menu entries.
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    The links used for navigation are displayed in a tab.
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    Simple pagination MySQL can execute a SQL query, retrieve the results into an array and render it in an HTML table showing a limited number of result set rows per page.Navigation links for browsing the pages of the listing can also be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Nested Menus is able to generate nested menus in addition to normal link items.
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    Class for creating powerful navigation control for navigating multiple pages of data.
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    The total number of pages and the current page number are taken as parameters. Page Numbers initializes an array variable that defines the numbers of pages to show in a navigation bar. Page Numbers specifies whether each page is the current page or should be displayed as a link to first, last or another page.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The pager class takes the limit number of entries to list per page, the total number of entries in the whole listing and the first entry to list in the current page.The included URL class is used to generate navigation links from parameters.
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    Using the keyboard to keep the options selected is not required. PSPLMultiselect generates HTML and Javascript that make a select box that emulates the regular select multiple boxes appear, so it can be integrated in any HTML form transparently.The user can click on a button to pull-down a menu with all options. The options can be selected and deselected by ...
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    A value can also be selected by default through populate_dropdown.Key Features of populate_dropdown:- Populate with values from a database- Populate with values from arrays- Populate with date, month and year
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    With 1 parameter change, it will render all of the HTML tags as XHTML, provided all of the tags are HTMLTagClass objects.External CSS links, JS links, page title can be added through the provided hooks. This class makes rendering complete HTML pages easy in a programmatic way.
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    Pagination MD takes the total number of entries in a listing and the limit of entries to display per page and displays HTML links or form select inputs to go to other pages of a listing.A request variable is used to retrieve the current page number.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Resultset paging takes as parameters a MySQL query result set handle, the limit number of result rows to display per page and the number of the current results page being displayed.Resultset paging generates HTML links to go to other pages over which the result set is split. The base URL of the navigation links can be configured.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or ...
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    JPNavClass can generate a navigation bar in HTML with links. The navigation bars can have a title and several link entries. The navigation bar can be outputted in three ways: text, images, or a table.In the text mode the navigation bars the entries are rendered as multiple lines with the text links. In the image mode the entries are rendered ...
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