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    All URLs are stored in one file (webring.urls), and each link in the webring references one of three functions: next (next.php), previous (prev.php), or random (rand.php) at this site. A loopedArray object, simulating a "looped" array data type with a number or basic functions, is used.URLs are simply added to the webring.urls file as one per line. next.php, prev.php, and ...
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    The table can be styled and formatted with very few lines of code with the help of StyleMenu.
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    Navigation links are generated to facilitate navigation between the pages.
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    Page generates links to go to different pages of listings that show a limited number of entries per page, given the total number of entries and the current listing page number.Page can generate links to the first, last, next, previous and any intermediate pages. An SQL LIMIT clause can also be generated to retrieve entries from a database to display ...
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    fc_paginator can generate links to go to the different pages over which a listing of entries is spread, given the limit of entries to display per page and the total number entries to list.fc_paginator retrieves the current page number from a request variable.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Object paging takes a given SQL SELECT query and generates HTML links or forms with select inputs to browse pages on which the query results are display with a given limit of records per page.CSS styles can be used to configure the presentation of the links or form inputs.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The list of pages browsed of the users is kept in a session array variable.fc_breadcrumb can display the browsed pages as links. The links separator text and CSS style are configurable.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Display database results per page and creates previous and next buttons for pages through pn_buttons.
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    The total number of entries and the base URL for the links are taken as parameters. PageLite looks at a configurable request variable to determine the current listing page and generates custom markup for links to go to the next, previous, first, last and jumping link pages based on custom configuration.The entire layout and operation of this class is configurable ...
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    NavTree uses both PHP and JavaScript to achieve its goal.This navigation tree will bring you a good experience to build site fast and i promise users of site will have a better experience too.
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    PopupMenu provides a generic function to generate a menu. Easy to use. Try now!
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    Flexible Menu Maker takes an array with details that define the details of each link like the URL, the text to show, HTML tag attributes, target window and title.The menu links can be rendered in either the vertical or horizontal directions.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or highe
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    MyPager can take as parameters the number of listing entries to display per page, the total number of entries and the number of the first entry to display in the current page.MyPager can display links to go to the first page, previous page, next page and last page, as well links to intermediate page links upto a configurable limit number ...
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    Good Pagination takes the total number of entries in the listing, the limit of entries to display per page, and the current page number to generate HTML links to browse the next, previous, first, last pages of the listing.The HTML template for the links can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PaginationClass takes as argument the limit number of listing items to display per page, the total number of items and the current page. It generates links to go to the next, previous, first, last and any intermediate pages using templates to define how the links are presented.The text of the links is retrieved from language files and the base URL ...
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