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    Page Navigator can be used to generate navigation links for listings split between multiple pages. It takes as arguments the total number of entries in the whole listing and the limit number of entries to display per page.Page Navigator generates a group of HTML links pointing to pages that display the different pages of the listing, including links to the ...
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    GPS RINEX navigation file parser can be used to parse GPS navigation data message files in the RINEX 2.1 specification format. It can read GPS navigation message data files and extract position information into an associative array class variable.There are also functions parse files uploaded via Web forms and to display the extracted information in an HTML page.
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    Simple Paging can be used to show navigation links to browse MySQL SELECT query results split in multiple pages. It can calculate the total number of pages to display the results of a given MySQL select query.Simple Paging generates a navigation bar made of HTML links to go to the next, the previous and other pages that display a limited ...
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    TabControl can be used to output a navigation tab bar that can dynamically switch the content that appears below the bar options according to the selected tab.TabControl can display a row of tabs showing only one selected at a time the selected tab is rendering with a different style.The tab bar is rendered as table with different cells for each ...
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    Paginate is a simple class that can be used to generate paginated navigation links for listings of arbitrary data split between multiple pages. It takes as parameter the total number of items in a listing, the limit of items to display per page and the number of the current page.Paginate generates links to the first page, next page, previous page, ...
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    XMLnavs reads and parses an XML document with definitions of a navigation menu using HTML links.The menu can be rendered with images that can be changed. The generated menu can expand and hide sub-menus depending on what page is being viewed by the user.
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    navigInTable class allows to circulate in a table on a field AUTO_INCREMENT, without being concerned with holes of classification.
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    Fast Split MySQL Result is meant to split MySQL query results in multiple pages with HTML tables. It uses Javascript to generate the navigation links.
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    Try to simplify and improve Sword Su's menutree class.
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    CSV file db provides simple access to csv files and let you easy navigate through the tabel. You should only access one of the following functions and variables.Variables:$index // Index in File, DO NOT CHANGE$limiter // The CVS Limiter, usually ";"$filename // The filename of the cvs file$record = array() // The actual record$EOF // True if End of File$BOF ...
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    Navigator is meant to browse a given server file system directory.Navigator can also perform several types of manipulations of the directory files:- Change permissions- Retrieve the total size of all the directory files- Create new files or sub-directories- Remove files or directories
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    MyPagina pagination class can be used to execute MySQL SELECT queries and split the results in multiple pages with links to navigate between them.The class can generate navigation links given a MySQL query, the number of results to show per page and the number of the results page currently being displayed. The class does not list the actual query results.
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    Pagination is a set of classes is meant to generate navigation bars to display database query result sets split in multiple pages.Pagination is based on the factory design pattern that is used to create objects of specific classes to provide the result set pagination support with different databases.
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    Base Calendar is a calendar generation class based on the original version of William J Sanders, that comes with the possibility to use navigation links to switch the month you that is displayed.In the Update there is the possibility to inser Appointment and make it recurrence for one year.
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    Navigation is meant to let you build a dynamic site navigation bar presented in the breadcrumb style. The navigation bar may display links, one for each level of the site hierarchy. The title of each level link is presented using a CSS style named breadcrumb. The current level is displayed as plain text within a span using the CSS style ...
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