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    This PHP class implements a MySQL database abstraction layer. It will allow PHP applications to connect to a MySQL database and interact with it performing queries or saving data to it.Here are some key features of Mraiur_Database:- Establish MySQL database server connections setting the client encoding- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query results into arrays- Get the columns of a table
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    This class is a database access wrapper which can be used for MySQL.It utilizes the MySQL or MySQLi extensions.Here are some key features of My simple Query Language Class for MySQL & MySQLi(Improved):- Establish connections to a MySQL server- Execute INSERT queries given the table name and field value arrays- Execute SELECT queries and return single values or arrays with ...
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    FX.php is a PHP class which combines the ease-of-use of FileMaker with the power of PHP. In the latest release, FX.php allows access to every version of FileMaker since version 5, and preliminary support has been added for MySQL. FX.php is designed to give FileMaker users the advantages and flexibility of using PHP. In addition, the new MySQL support adds ...
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    PHPDBX is a set of PHP classes that provide means of managing data from adatabase. Currently Firebird and MySql DBMS are supported.
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    POG - PHP Code Generator can be used to generate classes that map data in relational database tables in PHP objects using the Active Record design pattern.It can generate scripts optimized to work under PHP 4, PHP 5 or PHP 5.1.The generated scripts can work with PDO or POG database API supporting different databases like: MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL, SQLite and ...
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    PHP Class Collection project provides different classes written in PHP 5. DirectoryList is offered in this free script with the purpose of recursive projection of the filesystem (sub-)tree in an object. Email class included is to easily create emails with attachments. FTPConnection provided for FTP access without using PHP's FTP-functions. HTTPConnection for HTTP access without using CURL. MultiSQL for easily ...
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    MySQL Database Optimizer is a PHP script that allows you to optimize all tables of a given MySQL database.
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    Php_mysql_fetch_all is absurdly simple but utilitarian function returns a numeric array of associative arrays containing an entire result set.
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    Distributed Session Manager can be used as a replacement to the default PHP session manager class to store and retrieve sessions in distributed MySQL servers. It retrieves a list of MySQL server hosts from a configuration file in the INI format. A random host is picked from the list to connect when it is necessary execute MySQL queries to store, ...
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    This class Small MySQL Connection is a very simple wrapper to access a MySQL database. Functions of Small MySQL Connection:- Establish database connections- Execute manipulation queries and return the number of affected table rows- Execute an SQL SELECT queries and return the result set data in a bi-dimensional array- Execute an SQL SELECT query and return a single value if ...
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    The DBI class is MySQL database access wrapper. DBI class can establish database connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the query result set data, present SELECT query information details like the time it took to execute and the returned result rows. The comments in the code are in Spanish.
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    UtilsClass for phpLib, provide 4 methods to select, insert, update and delete data from database. UtilsClass is really a simple work, but it was helpful to me, so I thought to make it available. Requirement:phpLib properly installed.
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    EasySQL classes provides the same interface to compose and execute SQL queries to access several types of SQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The script provides simple methods that will help to compose and execute SQL queries of the types: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE. EasySQL classes can be easily extended to implement the same interface to access other ...
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    Database Connection is a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. The script can establish persistent and non-persistent connections, set the current database, execute an SQL query and return its result set resource handle, free the result set and close the connection. Database Connection also allows persistent setting, and saving of the result resource.
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    MySQL Model can be used as a wrapper to provide an object oriented access to MySQL database table rows. It retrieves table metadata to determine the names and other properties of table columns to map them to object properties. The script MySQL Model provides mechanisms for finding, creating, modifying and removing table records. Additionally, it allows for lazy joins of ...
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