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    This class can be used to execute MySQL queries read from files. It can open a given text file and read its lines with SQL statements to be executed. Requirement: PHP5.0 or Higher
  2. Simple Hook and Plug-ins System (XML)
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    This class functionality is extended class functionality with code define in XML. It loads plug-in code definitions from a XML file that contains additional code definitions that are imported into a MySQL database. Later the class can load the plug-in code from the MySQL database and execute it. Requirement: PHP 4.0
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    This class can be used to Backup and restore MySQL databases from XML files.It can query database schema and data and generates a XML document that describes the database tables and data contained in the table rows.The class can also parse a XML document previously generated by the class and restores the database schema and its rows.
  4. db2XML
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    This class can be used to generate XML documents from MySQL query results.It can perform MySQL SELECT queries and extract the results to generate the values of tags and values to be added to a XML document.The same XML document may include results of multiple queries.
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    This class can be used to export MySQL database to ZIP files. It can generate a dump of a MySQL database schema and data into a file. The resulting output is stored in a ZIP file.
  6. Sortable Elements
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    This class can be used to display MySQL database table records in an HTML table that can be sorted by dragging rows.It generates HTML and Javascript to display the records of a MySQL table in HTML table rows that can be dragged to sort the table elements.The class sends AJAX requests to send changes of the table elements to the ...
  7. AJAX Tree view class
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    This script can be used to display a tree view that uses AJAX. It can query a MySQL database and generate HTML with Javascript that renders nodes of a collapsible tree.When a node is clicked, it sends an AJAX request to the server to retrieve the contents of the node.
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    This script can be used to manipulate MySQL database table records displayed in a HTML table.It displays a table with data from fields of a MySQL database table.The table can display links for sort the listing by the clicked column and also to execute actions such as insert a new record, update and delete a record.It uses AJAX to avoid ...
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    This package can be used to update the options of a drop-down select input when the selected value of another drop-down input changes.It uses AJAX to retrieve the new set of drop-down options from a MySQL database on the server side.
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    This script can be used to create and manipulate adjacency lists in MySQL. It can perform several types of operations to store and retrieve information in a MySQL table of nodes of an adjacency list. Currently it can: add nodes, retrieve the list of all nodes, get the children of a given node, change the parent of a node, and ...
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    PHP DataGrid is a simple, innovative and powerful PHP tool for generating data-bound AJAX PHP datagrid. It should be the best choice for all PHP database-driven web site and online-based data administration. Just with TWO lines of code:$dg = new C_DataGrid(“SELECT * FROM orders”);$dg -> display();then you will be able to create a fully functional datagrid in PHP.Features of PHP ...
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    This is a soothing flash & php based guestbook. It uses flat text file database to store entries instead of MySQL. This guestbook loads the newest entries first and loads 10 entries per pages. It has a very nice flash interface with advanced form validation. Besides signers can format their entries as just they like. It shows help message to ...
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    mySQL Table Tool is the perfect tool to repair and/or optimize mySQL database tables. Fully web-interactive.This tool will compile a list of tables in the database, and allow you to select which database(s) to repair and/or optimize. Repairing repairs corrupt tables - corrupt tables can result in the loss of data, mySQL errors, and even failure of mySQL server (which ...
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    Use this script Simple to Use PHP MySQL Class that I've been using for years in my projects. It's a really easy-to-use PHP class file for connecting to, running queries on and retrieving data from MySQL databases. Just include the file, and set four parameters and you're all hooked up ready to go!
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    This PHP class can access MySQL databases from PHP code. It features a very simple and easy to understand PHP syntax, allowing it to easily be called from any PHP application.Here are some Key Features of PHP MySQL Connection Class:-Establish MySQL database server connections-Execute SQL queries and return the results in arrays-Count the number of records in tables-Execute queries to ...
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