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    This PHP script can be used to perform SQL Update, insert and delete queries from parameters which define the tables, fields and field values. Cyber MySQL is mainly created to execute MySQL queries using lists of arguments.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. Database Record Selector and Editor (DB-RSE)
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    Database Record Selector and Editor (DB-RSE) is a PHP database script, which is intended to be a very simplified MySQL database record selector and editor. Having only two files, it is simple to install and setup. Just put both files in a folder (preferably either secure or obscure), modify the dbconnect.php file, and load this file in your browser.Requirements:- PHP- ...
  3. Backup2Mail
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    Backup2Mail is mini PHP application that creates regular backups of your MySQL database and sends it to configurable e-mail address. Backup2Mail is a professioal and free PHP database script. The whole process is scheduled with a help of Cron, a Unix program that runs programs at scheduled times.Requirements:- PHP 4.1+- SSH access to your web server,- or Cron Jobs interface ...
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    PDO wrapper can be used to establish a connection to a MySQL database server(various MySQL versions can be supported) using PDO and execute SELECT prepared queries with parameters from an array, retrieve query results into arrays, execute INSERT or UPDATE queries using parameters that define the tables, fields, values and conditions.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or higher
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    XLS Export is a free PHP script created to export MySQL query results to an Excel XLS file, It first performs a MySQL SELECT query, then takes the result and generates an Excel XLS file from it. Excel file is created using the PEAR spreadsheet Excel Writer Package.
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    Database-Connection script is designed to manage a database connection away from implementation problems linked to PDO present or not. It also provides security functionnality related to sql injections and xss holes. It provides a single interface to access MySQL using the regular mysql extension, or the MySQL, or any database supported by the PDO extension. This PHP script can do ...
  7. Benson Bank CMS
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    Benson Bank CMS is a free cash management system written in PHP, based on MySQL. Two kinds of language are available for this PHP script now, English and Chinese, Moreover, it is easy to switch between English and Chinese versions.Features of Benson Bank CMS:- Easy to do bookkeeping: Designed for the dummies, while it is professional in the background- Easy ...
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    How to Connect MySQL with PHP is a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. Opening a connection to MySQL database from PHP is easy. It can be done with the “mysql_connect” PHP function which helps us establish a database connection, execute SQL queries and disconnects after retrieving results.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This PHP script SQL class alfars is designed to implement a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. A connection was established to a given MySQL server with this script, and then select the database to access, execute queries, return the results and safely close the connection.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    oLinker is a static PHP script to link objects to a MySQL database. The script assign values to $data and $data2, and their values will still be available even after a refresh.
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    PreLoad Images can generate pages with preloaded images. It can list images from a directory and stores the photo list inside a MySQL database. This PHP script can generate HTML with JavaScript to preload all listed images in the user browser, so the next browsed pages that need the images can load much faster.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MySQL data into array is a PHP script for convert a Mysql Db into array. It is designed to create and retrieve data from a MySQL table. This script creates a database containing an information table with a list of countries and can also retrieve the country information list into an array. Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MySQL DB Handler can be used to establish a connection to a MySQL server and execute MySQL database queries. This script executes queries like INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE. It can log the database access errors to a file. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  14. GigKalender
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    GigKalender is a free event PHP calendar specifically fitted to the needs of artists and organizers. In contrast to conventional calendars, his focus is in the internal planning of a band. The frontend views to embed into your websites are integrated as an additional gimmick. Additionally, there is a guestbook and a news system with RSS and Atom feeds. Based ...
  15. Tabela class
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    Tabela script can be used to show MySQL query results in an HTML table. It can build an SQL query from a list of table fields and executes it. The script creates an HTML table to display the database query results. It also displays links to browse results split in multiple pages, showing up to a given limit of records ...
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