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    Hybrid MySQL is a lightweight wrapper to access MySQL databases.Functions of Hybrid MySQL:- Open and close MySQL database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch the query results as array, associative arrays or objects- Get number of returned query result rows- Display failure error messages
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    mysqlRecordSet creates a MySQL connection and records set objects with support for error reporting.
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    Class to control the access the pages of a site. It is not necessary MySQL or other database. The class logs warnings and errors to files.
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    cbmysql is meant to let you create, query, alter and dropping MySQL database tables, data and so on. Starting in Version 4 you have both, mysql and mysqli support.After creating an object of this class you can query and modify a MySQL database easily.The select function can be configure the return query result arrays with one or two dimensions and ...
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    swemc can connect of a MySQL database, execute SQL query and output the query results in HTML tables.Functions of swemc:- Execute select, update, insert and delete SQL queries- Output query results in HTML tables that can have their presentation customized with CSS.- Output HTML tables also customizable with CSS with the results of queries that retrieve single database table records- ...
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    sessMan is a session handler making use of PHP and MySQL. It has support for logins and sessions are linked to specific computers using their ip addresses.All database connections are made using my MySQL_DB_Connect class.
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    MySQL SP is meant to provide an emulation of stored procedures for MySQL.MySQL SP uses template files stored on the database client side that contain multiple SQL statements with special marks that identify placeholders that are replaced by procedure arguments when they are executed.The result of the execution of procedure is an array containing either the handles of the result ...
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    Meta Scanner is intended to retrieve metaData from any MySQL Server.It provides methods to retrieve information about all databases managed by a MySQL server including their tables and the respective table fields.Meta Scanner also provides a simple method called showAll that shows metaData in a simple table style representation.
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    MySQLi Database is a wrapper around the MySQLi extension to access MySQL databases. The package is composed of two classes: one extends the MySQLi class to execute several types of database access functions and another extends the mysqli_result class to manipulate result sets.Features of MySQLi Database:- Optional exception throwing on connection or query errors- All the result fetching functions use ...
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    DcSessionManager is meant to manage sessions storing the information about their state in a MySQL database table. It generates an hash with 64 characters that is used to identify each session and may be passed between pages using cookies or request variables.DcSessionManager has security in mind, providing means to prevents session hijack by using 2 hashes (double crypted) in only ...
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    MySQL Optimizer is meant to analyze, optimize or repair tables of a MySQL database.The class is capable of connecting to a given MySQL database, extract the list of names of tables, and perform one of the three operations in all tables. The results are outputted in an HTML table.
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    MySQL_DB_Connect is a database connection handler making use of PHP and MySQL. Support for transactional tables like InnoDB tables is built in, it will, however, still work with non-transactional tables like MyISAM tables.
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    MySQL Server Status retrieves the status of a MySQL server using SHOW STATUS query and returns the values in an array.Also, it provides functions for formatting these status values for better presentation: Formatbytes (determines TB, GB, MB, or KB and limits output to a number of decimal places that you provide) also TimeSpanFormat (returns the number of days, hours, minutes, ...
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    my_sql is meant to interface with MySQL or SQLite databases.my_sql can be used to execute queries, show query execution time, to create execution time statistics, to check replicated queries, to export data dumps to file, to import data dumps from a file, etc..
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    MySQL utility is a class meant to execute tasks for multiple purposes of accessing a MySQL database.Functions of MySQL utility:- Take a backup and restore a database using MySQL dump files- Execute the most common types SQL queries passing lists of parameters- Perform controlled rollback to undo the last executed SQL query whenever possible- Copy a database from a local ...
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