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    ActiveDBLib is a PHP class to access MySQL or optionally other databases by using various Database Abstraction Libraries. Its primary intention is to hide the differences between the different database abstraction Libraries and to provide standard methods for the database connection, query and result operations.ActiveDBLib currently supports the ADODB, the PEAR:DB and the Metabase libraries. The only requirement to use ...
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    DbQueryManager is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It executes SQL queries and lets the result records records be fetched iteratively with a call to the movenext function.DbQueryManager manages the opening and closing of database connection transparently when needed.After executing a query it may also retrieve the number of affected rows or the id of a auto-incremented row when ...
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    SQL wrapper is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It provides functions to connect to a given MySQL database, execute a SQL query, retrieve the query result data and number of rows.
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    PhpReportsMSSQL can generate report HTML pages from given SQL database queries. It supports either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases.PhpReportsMSSQL takes as parameters the database type, the database access arguments, an SQL query strings, the title of the report page, number of records to show in a page. It executes the SQL query and display the results in an HTML ...
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    mysql_query class allows you to generate INSERT-, UPDATE- and DELETE-queries easily, taking a tablename and conditional statement as input.mysql_query can also translate any SELECT-statement into another query. Makes it a bit easier if you have a lot of user-editable tables in your dbase.
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    Simple SQL Transact is a simple wrapper to access and manipulate MySQL database table records using SQL.It provides a function to retrieve database table record field values given optional SQL search condition and the set of fields to group or sort the query results.Simple SQL Transact also provides functions to delete, insert or update records given the table name and ...
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    PHP&Databases; class allows you to perform a MySQL database management (Select, Delete, Insert, Update).
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    dbsource is a class meant to easily access different kinds of databases based on a common interface, taking the database connections to its cleanest, scalable maximum.
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    DBManager provides several classes that implement different aspects of the access using a central class to manage connections to the MySQL database server.The DBManager class keeps track of each database connection that is opened. It provides a function named getDB() that establishes the database conection when it is called for the first time, and returned a reference to an object ...
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    MySQL Log allows you to add and show the log provide by other classes such as MySQL Connection and MySQL Recordset.
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    MyQuery is a simple MySQL query generator class to ease writing of complex queries with lots of WHERE and alike statements.
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    Fast Split MySQL Result is meant to split MySQL query results in multiple pages with HTML tables. It uses Javascript to generate the navigation links.
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    MySQL Table Wrapper can be used to access the rows of a MySQL database table as objects. It provides functions to insert, search, retrieve, update and delete table rows.MySQL Table Wrapper can retrieve the names of the columns the specified table to associate class variables to table columns with the same names.
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    mysqlc is a wrapper to access MySQL databases.It can create persistent or non persistent connections, execute queries, retrieve query results, retrieve MySQL server version, start and finish transactions.
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    MySQL RecordSet class provides automatic erase by ID, erase by Array, check SQL between other functions. The MySQL Connection is required.
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