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    Smart SQL is a simple database access wrapper that support either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server. Functions of Smart SQL:- Open and close database connections- Select the work database- Executing SQL queries- Retrieving query result rows in arrays- Handling errors by displaying the respective error message before exiting the current script and optionally sending a warning message by e-mail to ...
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    MySQLo is a MySQL database access wrapper with API functions compatible with ADOdb. Functions of MySQLo:- Establish database connections given individual separate parameters or a DSN connection string- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query result sets into arrays- Retrieve the last inserted identifier- Retrieve the last error
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    MySQL2Conndbs is a MySQL database access wrapper. MySQL2Conndbs can perform several operations to access databases and perform schema management:- Connects to a given MySQL database server- Create and drop databases- Create, drop tables or check if exists- Insert rows in a table from an array of field values- Delete specific rows from a table- Optimize tables- Execute SELECT queries and ...
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    MySQL Database Handler is a wrapper around MySQL database access functions. Features of MySQL Database Handler:- Establish persistent or non persistent database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch query result set rows as arrays. The array indexes can be column numbers or names.- Retrieve the number of rows in a result set.- Retrieve the number of rows affected by an INSERT, ...
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    new_label is able to take the time values directly out of a mysql table "date" field. The label will disappear after a defined number of days pass.If you change anything on your page you can label it 'changed' or 'new info' instead of 'new'. The string for 'new' is user defineable and does not really have to be 'new'.
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    TXTDB to MySQL is a MySQL database access wrapper that implements a compatible interface of TXTDBAPI flat file SQL parser.TXTDB to MySQL is meant to allow switching between the use the actual TXTBDAPI and MySQL without needing to changes applications based on this API.
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    Connection to MySQL database servers can be established and SQL queries can be executed in Osiris Core.Key Features of Osiris Core:- Change the character set- Return query results in arrays, HTML tables, or XML documents- List, optimize, create and drop database tables- Generate HTML to edit data from the database with inputs of type: text, textarea, select and checkboxRequirements: PHP ...
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    xDatabase is a simple MySQL database access wrapper.Functions of xDatabase:- xDatabase can connect to database from the class constructor.- xDatabase is possible to use a single function to execute queries and retrieve results.- xDatabase automatically stores additional query information in class variables: number of result rows, affected rows, last insert id.
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    A connection to a MySQL database can be established and SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and DESCRIBE queries can be executed from parameters that specify the tables, fields and values to use.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    MySQL php class is a wrapper to access MySQL databases.MySQL php class supports:- Connecting to multiple servers at the same time- Execute multiple SQL queries at the same time- Retrieve unbuffered result sets with the possibility to a retrieval duration limit after which the connection thread is killed and the query is stopped- Execute Insert, Update, Delete queries- Retrieve the ...
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    A dump file is read, the comment lines are skipped and the SQL statements are executed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MySQL queries can be composed and executed in order to perform basic operations.Key Features of Simple MySQL:- Select or count the rows of a table given the columns to be retrieved, the where clause and optionally a limited range of result rows to retrieve- Insert a row in a table given the field values- Delete rows from a table given ...
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    mydb allows connecting to a given MySQL database server and executing arbitrary SQL queries.Key Features of mydb:- Retrieve query result rows into arrays- Retrieve all the query results into a single bi-dimensional array- Execute a query and retrieve a range of the result rows into a single bi-dimensional arrayRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    GPW parse accesses a page of the gpw.pl site and parses it to retrieve data about the stocks listed in that page.The data is imported into a MySQL database so it can be queried at will. The stored data can be queried and returned in an array.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Currently only MySQL is supported in db Class.Easy to CRUD with db Class. Enjoy youself!
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