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    Quotations Database, PHP & MySQL application that stores quotations and author information, allows scheduling for 'quote of the day' and weekly themes.Database search function is also included. An administration interface allows for easy updates and maintenance.
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    Closure Table can create MySQL database tables that will store information about hierarchies of nodes stored in other database tables.Nodes can be organized hierarchically by weight and depth by different classes. They can be inserted, deleted, retrieved and sorted.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SQL Parse Convert to Tree Array takes a given SQL query and parse it to extract the structure or queries and sub-queries. The resulting structure is returned as an array. SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries are currently supported. Requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    A primary class handles the basic functionality like connecting to the MySQL database, executing queries, retrieving results and managing transactions. A sub-class can insert, update, delete and retrieve database records given parameters that define tables, fields, field values and conditions. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Abdohoo Secure Login can check if an user is already authenticated. If not, it can check the user name and password in a MySQL database table. Session variables are set if the user is authenticated successfully. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Images can be read from files and stored in a MySQL database and vice-versa with Easy Image DB Management. The main class can also convert images between GIF, JPEG and PNG formats, as well resize the images to create thumbnails. Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    Dba Wrapper can perform multiple operations and optimize a flat file database file. Key Features of Dba Wrapper:- Open a given flat file database- Insert a new record with a given key- Get a record with a given key- Replace the value of a record with a given key- Delete the record with a given key Requirements: PHP 4.0 or ...
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    Installation Automation can present forms that define different pages of the installation process. Each forms page is defined in custom scripts that are stored in a given directory and are numbered according to the respective installation page number. Installation Automation can also perform several installation general purpose tasks, such as creating XML or PHP files, create MySQL database tables and ...
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    All tables and text fields are retrieved from a MySQL database with Search DB. The script can execute SQL queries that search for records in all tables and all their text fields that contain the given word in their values. Search DB displays the value of the first table field of all records that were found as result of the ...
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    Convert MySQL tables to PHP class retrieves the list of tables and information about their fields from a specified MySQL database. It can generate code for classes that can be used to access the respective MySQL table records as if they were objects. The generated classes can have getter and setter functions for each table field, functions to insert or ...
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    MySQL 2 JSON takes an handle of a previously executed MySQL database query and retrieves the results. A JSON string with the values of all the result rows is then being generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    QuickDB can connect to a MySQL database and execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from arguments that define tables, fields, field values, conditions and order clauses. HTML tables containing data from the SELECT query results can be generated. The class can also count the rows of a table, insert or update a table record depending on whether the record ...
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    PHP MySQL Database Class can establish connections to a MySQL server and execute arbitrary SQL queries. Key Features of PHP MySQL Database Class:- Fetch query results into an array- Execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from parameters that define tables, fields, field values and conditions.- Kill queries in execution- Check if a table exist- Optimize a table Requirements: PHP ...
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    Anope_php can access to a MySQL database with statistics of anope IRC services usage and display summaries in HTML pages. Information about the botserver, nickserver, chanserver and operserver can be displayed. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Argument values that define tables, fields, field values and condition clauses can be passed to INSERT, UPDATE and SELECT queries. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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