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  1. PHP Yahoo Music API
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    PHP Yahoo Music API can retrieve several types of information by querying the Yahoo Music API.Key Features of PHP Yahoo Music API:- Search for artists by name- Get information about an artist- Get the album releases of an artist- Get information about a music track- Search for a track by name- Get all tracks of an artist- Get information of ...
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    Send Music to Last.fm can be used to send information about the music you are currently listening to the Last.fm site.It can authenticate and access the Last.fm site on behalf of a given user to submit details about the music you are listening, like the artist, album, track title, number and length.Send Music to Last.fm can also submit a list ...
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    Google Hacks can be used to search the Internet for certain types of files. It accesses the Google Web search pages and submit search queries with special syntax to return lists of files of certain types.Currently Google Hacks can perform searches for: music files, ebook files, video files, application program archives, and text font files. It returns arrays of the ...
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    Radio is a simple class that can be used to create an online radio by serving playlists of music streams that should be played one after another.Radio can work with three different types of music streams: MP3, WMA and Real Audio. A sample HTML file is included to show how the class can be used to play audio files with ...
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    Looking to add some great music to your PHP-Nuke site? The Unsigned artist block from unsignedbandweb.com will let you feature a random artist from our database in a small block on your site. Your visitors will be able to listen to a song and view information about the artist. Included info is: Artist name, picture, genre, song title, and a ...
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    Add great unsigned music to your PHP-Nuke site. All songs are hosted at the Unsigned Band Web and don't occupy any space on your servers! Plays mp3 songs in a stream.To install, just place the block in your blocks folder and activate it. Everything else is handled for you. *Just Released, Version 2.0a! New play buttons and buttom link.
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    WebNap class provides a WWW PHP interface to the Napster music network.
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    HN Parse Playlist can parse and regenerate music playlist files in several formats. The playlists can be read and written either to files or for text strings.Currently HN Parse Playlist supports parsing and regeneratings playlists in the formats:- extended m3u- pls version 2- simple m3uNOTE:If source is 'simple m3u', you only can save to simple m3u.If source is 'extended m3u' ...
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    WinampControler class will controll winamp (with the proper plugin).You can go forward, backward, stop, play and view a playlist.
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    MP3 ID3 v1.x Read and Write is meant to access MP3 audio files with meta-information tags ID3v1.0 and ID3v1.1.The class can find the ID tags to extract the the audio track meta-information that describes items like the title, artist, album, year, track and music genre.MP3 ID3 v1.x Read and Write can also update MP3 files to write or remove the ...
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    Shows in your web page the song that you are currently listening in Winamp, and a list of the latest songs heard. Using the "What's Playing" plug-in for Winamp 3 (available at http://www.srijith.net/codes/whatsplaying/), this script retrieves information about the current song you are hearing in your Winamp, along with a list of the latest songs you've heard.
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    The Winamp Shell ProXy is a package of two components:- The w5sp.exe, a little commandline tool written in VB which acts as a proxy on the system shell- A php-class which serve a full featured winamp remote control to a webclient.After defining some parameters in the configuration file (where to find the w5sp.exe, the winamp.exe, etc.) the class instance can ...
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    WavForge is capable of generating uncompressed audio PCM files in the WAV format. The class allows to configure the output sample number of channel, the number of samples per second and the sample rate.Currently WavForge can only generate audio samples with sine wave forms. The tone frequence, volume and duration of the wave form can be configured.
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    HN Shoutcast can access a Shoutcast server via HTTP and retrieve information about its status. Currently it can access a Shoutcast server directly or via an HTTP proxy connection with proxy user authentication support if necessary.HN Shoutcast also supports automatic correction of the address of the information page in case it was specified the address of a stream instead, which ...
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    funWithMP3 is a small script to allow access to your MP3 files. It is very basic and easy tounderstand.
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