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    Multipart mime email generator library for PHP. This library enables you to send multipart mime emails with PHP. There are function to read in files, build the format of the email, then you use the created data type and use the standard php mail() function to send it. Instructions are included in the software.
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    dSendMail2 is an enhanced version of the original htmlMimeEmail class. Key Features of dSendMail2:- Compose text or HTML messages, with optional images and attachment files- Send messages to many recipients- Compose messages imported from messages files in the EML format- Export composed messages to EML files- Send messages via mail function or through an external SMTP server Requirements: PHP 4 ...
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    GafMail can compose a message from the definition of the message headers and body. Headers for the Subject, To, From and Reply-To can be set.The message body can be set to plain text or HTML depending on a class variable. GafMail can verify whether the message body and the required headers are set before sending the message.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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