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    PHP MSSQL Dump accesses a given Microsoft SQL server database and retrieves schema and data to generate a string with SQL statements that can be used to recreate the database. The database scheme, the table data, or both, can be dumped by the class. It may also strip comments and not indent the output string with tabs to make the ...
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    PHP-MYSQL-MSSQL is an interface to be used with the PHP programming language to help you connect, disconnect, insert, update, delete, query, result and page_cut from MySQL or MSSQL more easy.You just change the setting.inc.php to suit your environment. ($sql_type,$sql_host,$sql_name,$sql_user,$sql_pass,$perpage) this file is independence so you can setup other variables at this file.If you already have a configuration file you can ...
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    MSSQL Pagination executes a specified query and retrieves the number of rows to display in the current page, up to the given limit of rows per page.A navigation bar with HTML links, which allow browsing to other pages of the query results listing, is generated.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    My Db is a SQL database wrapper supporting MySQL, Interbase and MS SQL server.It can establish database server connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve query results into arrays and display query results as HTML tables.
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    This tool consists of two files, one to execute queries submitted by form or uploaded as a file and display the results, and another to dump the database in MySQL or MSSQL format. GreenLight SQLTool can be used with either MySQL or MSSQL databases. Together they can be used to migrate a database (or at least the table structures and ...
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