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    MezzengerKlient is a simple open source PHP class for making MSN Messenger bots and web-messengers. MezzengerKlient uses Object Oriented Programming, with the use of Events, for handling and processing the actions made in the Notification Session and SwitchBoard sessions. It uses the MSNP9 protocol. It is recommended for any PHP developer that wants to make a MSN Messenger bot application, ...
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    Omsnplus takes a string of text with tags used by MSN Plus and converts it to HTML that can be displayed in a Web page.Styles, colors, backgrounds and smileys can be formatted using icons.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Free Gmail Contacts Importer Script is the gmail address book importer script from the original developer, now for free. The package includes invitation script similar to the demo on the author's website. Works well with both php5 and php4 on linux, windows, mac etc. with PHP and cURL installed. This script is completely separate and DOES NOT include functionality to ...
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    MSNStatus is meant to retrieve the status of a MSN Messenger account. The class can also check if there are messages in the incoming mailbox of a given e-mail address.
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    MSN Contact list Grabber can grab the list of contacts of a MSN Messenger user.It can connect to a MSN Messenger server logging as an user with the given credentials to retrieve the identity of the users in the list of contacts.
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    Simple MSN Class is meant to connect to a MSN Messenger server, login as a given user and handle chat requests with other users.The package comes with a separate class that acts as robot that interacts with other connected users.
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