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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from www.imdb.com. It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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    IMDBSearch is capable of searching the Internet Movie DataBase to retrieve the details the specified movies. It also comes with scripts for storing the movie details in a local database.
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    Apple's QuickTime multimedia architecture has some fantastic features that can be exploited through server-side scripting and HTML embedding, but it's something of a black art. There is confusion and inconsistency in how best to embed QuickTime in web pages, deal with QTVR, let movies talk to each other, pass XML QTLists back and forth between movies and servers, and much ...
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    Textbased Moviedatabase is a text-based movie database script that allows you to add and display movie entries on your site. It is uses a single textfile for storing data. Written in German.
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