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    PHP MongoDB Admin is a browser-based interface for the MongoDB database, which is a tool will help admins manage their MongoDB NoSQL database via the browser. This is a much simpler way of managing the database, compared to the classic console. Features of PHP MongoDB Admin:- List all databases- Create a new database- Delete databases- List all data collections- Create ...
  2. MongoUI
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    MongoUI is a web interface for MongoDB databases which allows developers to interact with Mongo databases via a nice interface, instead of the classic CLI. Features of MongoUI:- Password protected admin panel- Per database user manager- Browse databases, collections and indexes- Drop databases- UI theming- Run JS on the server Requirements:- MongoDB- PHP 5.3 or higher- Mongo PHP extension Limitations:- ...
  3. MongoSession
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    MongoSession is a MongoDB and PHP script for handling session data which can easily be used to replace default session handling mechanisms, storing session data in a MongoDB database. Features of MongoSession:- Set custom session lifetime values- Support for multiple servers- Database persistent connections- Batch processes and cron jobs
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    Spot is an ORM and ODM for RDMBS and NoSQL systems, which is written in PHP and currently works with MySQL and MongoDB.
  5. SessionMongo
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    SessionMongo is a PHP script handles user sessions using a MongoDB database. It connects to MongoDB database servers, registers functions for basic session manipulation. The MongoDB database becomes a medium for storing current session data.
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    Genghis is a web interface for MongoDB databases and runs just from one single PHP file.Features of Genghis:- Manage databases- Manage collections- Manage documents What's New in This Version:- Changed grippie cursor to `row-resize`.- Fixed "unable to connect" errors for some driver versions (PHP backend).- Updated JSON gem dependency (Ruby backend).- Added support for Sinatra v1.4.0 (Ruby backend).- Support latest ...
  7. MongoDB Session
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    This is a Session handler to store MongoDB session. It first establish a connection to a MongoDB database server and then register functions that implement the basic session manipulation functions, so the current session user data will be stored in that MongoDB database with this PHP User Management script.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This script can be used to store and retrieve objects in MongoDB databases. It can object class schema definitions from files in the YAML format. EVDB can also create, update, delete objects and well find objects by identifier or custom search parameters. It supports plug-ins classes that may be called before or after updating or deleting an object. Requirement: PHP ...
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