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    Thread-Safe Locale Class can retrieve several types of values that depend on the country and idiom for a given locale such as the format for date, time, money, country name, etc..The Linux/Unix system locale command is used instead the PHP setlocate function.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    CurConv can be used to convert money amounts between any two currencies. It uses the XMethods currency conversion SOAP based Web service.CurConv takes as parameters the countries of the original and converted currencies and the amount to be converted.
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    Money Currency accesses the Danmarks Nationalbanken site and retrieves a XML feed with the conversion rates between the Danish Kron and other currencies. It can perform conversions of amounts between any two currencies listed the retrieved currency rate feed.The converted amounts can also be formatted according to the US standard of using commas as thousands separator.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Validate is able to validate string values formatted according to the American standards. It supports validation dates, times, URLs, e-mail addresses, names, money amounts, zip codes and phone numbers.
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    Numbers2words_it is the Italian version of the Numbers2words class. It converts numeric values to Italian words to express quantities or money in Euros.
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    CurrencyExchange can be used to convert money amounts between two currencies using the European Central bank currencies XML feed.Features of CurrencyExchange:- It has methods to set the original and the converted currencies.- It may either return the conversion rate or the converted value of a given amount.- It can cache a previously retrieved version of the currencies feed to minimize ...
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    wwdbank is an online pocket money / allowance management system, administered by parents. It could also be used to manage a token economy or reward system in the classroom or other institutional setting. Easy to set up - most of the set up is completed automatically with setup.php. Requires PHP and MySQL.
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