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  1. Gas mileage calculator
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    This is a free gas mileage calculator script. Now the oil prices are raising all the time. so it's wise to knwo how much will your next trip cost you before you start it.This calculator is also available as Joomla! module.
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    SexyBookmarks is a Drupal module adds social sharing icons on pages. It integrate the WordPress plugin by the same name. The sole aim was to stray away from the "in the box" thinking behind most social bookmarking plugins, and add a little flair that would entice readers, rather than deterring them with microscopic icons that get lost in pages heavy ...
  3. DG Amazon
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    This is a Joomla module for displaying Amazon products. Set a desired ASIN number and the position the module to show in. Additional height and width parameters can also be passed.Installation:In the Joomla backend, to the "Extensions" -> "Install/Unistall" section. Upload the package's ZIP archive file. Configure the module in the "Module Manager" section.Requirements:- Joomla 1.5 or Higher
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    This is a Joomla module, implementing the Skitter image slideshow. It allows Joomla admins to add a content slider (image slideshow) to their website. It can set the following details for each image: the label or title of the slide, whether to publish or not the slide, the slide category, the image to display and the link to redirect to ...
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    PHP Shelve is inspired from the Python shelve module.
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    Page Ripper can be used to retrieve and alter remote Web pages.Page Ripper can retrieve HTML pages from remote sites and extract parts of the HTML data and optionally replace with new values.
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    The F-ystem Support Module allows you to read or write to a file. It will also copy files if needed. When you read, write or copy a file you must use an existing directory. You will also have to manually chmod your files in order to write to them. Although append mode works if the folder is executable. F-ystem methods ...
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