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    This is a tiny template engine written in PHP. Stamp works with HTML only. No foreign syntax required to create layout templates. It watches HTML files for specific triggers and styles content based on it. Unlike many templating engine, Stamp works from outside the template itself, not from the inside.
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    PHP-PAPA provides a Model-View-Controller implementation. Key features of PHP-PAPA:- Supports component development- Multi-language support- SEO friendly URLs with .html extension- User access control based on URL patterns- Supports themes and layout by default- Sub-folder grouping for controller, view and layout Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The records of categories can be added, updated and deleted. PHP Cat Nested Model Category Class can also retrieve categories under a given category, get top categories, get the largest category and get all categories. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ShipForm uses JavaScript and the testing was done on both IE and Netscape.ShipForm is recommended to be used with the Abstract.php class, as the data model and functions used are similar to those in that class.
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    The deluxe box is a simple box with minimization support.Limitations: Because of differences in the Document Object Models across different browsers, Servlet can only work in IE.
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    The dataset can be used for testing purposes or to perform statistical analysis.Key Features of Sample Data Generator:- Generate sample customer data to populate a database for application testing purposes- Generate statistically random samples from a marketing database, for further analysis- Generate random datasets for modeling simulations
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    DEA classes implements a very abstract, but simple model of an deterministic finite automaton. You can use DEA classes to a great variety of applications.
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    phpdomxml is an implementation for XML's Document Object Model in PHP. The XML DOM is a programming interface for XML documents. It defines the way an XML document can be accessed and manipulated.Somehow PHP is missing a simple DOM for XML and I liked the way Actionscript (and Javascript) uses the DOM to address information in an XML document. So ...
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