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    Mod Rewrite Made Easy functions that makes using mod rewrite easy. More examples and full description of use are in the zip file. Enjoy it and share for more developers.
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    The Apache mod_rewrite is often used to protect images and other types of media files from hotlinking from other sites, that make them appear in their pages although they are served from the original sites.However, mod_rewrite can be used to protect the service of Flash files against hotlinking.
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    mod_rewrite configuration directives are located in Apache configuration files within delimited file sections.Relink can take URLs of relative links and rewrite them based on the mod_rewrite rules found in the Apache configuration file.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    HTAccess mod_rewrite can be used to interpret a subset Apache directives that can be defined in .htaccess configuration files.HTAccess mod_rewrite takes as parameter the directive lines of configuration of an .htaccess file to interpret and process the directives.Currently it only supports the directives RewriteBase and RewriteRule of the mod_rewrite Apache module.The class can take the request URL and rewrite it, ...
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