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  1. php-utf8
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    php-utf8 is a library provides UTF-8 support in PHP. It allows UTF-8 support in functions, mirroring PHP's own string functions. The library is only recommended for advanced PHP programmers and currently used in FluxBB, a lightweight forum application.
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    A simple to use script that will allow a user to go to any website with the server hosting this to be the go between. This acts much like a remote proxy in that the site you are on cannot tell what is your real ip.However this script will do everything using just http, no setup at all, and filters ...
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    The Doppelganger Distributed Mirror System lets server owners who could mirror files but don't have the bandwidth to handle being a full mirror to contribute resources as well. Each mirror operator specifies how many times per day each package that they mirror may be downloaded. Doppelganger distributes the requests among the mirrors and pulls mirrors out of the day's rotation ...
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