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    Easy Mail can be used to compose and send HTML e-mail messages with optional attachment files. The headers From, To, Subject and the Return-Path e-mail address can be defined as class variables.The message can be composed and sent just by calling a single function which can be any of the variants to send plain text messages or HTML messages with ...
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    ES-email was made for composing and sending complex e-mail messages using the MIME standards.Features of ES-email:- Includes file attachments in the messages- Sends alternative HTML and plain text versions- Sends data taken from a form, from arguments passed to the page via its URL (query string) and/or an arbitrary array.
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    PHP-Lib-Xtreme is a package containing many object oriented PHP classes and is available under the GNU Lesser License. Ithas theaim to make a complex but also simple library available.Here is a list of all modules:- BB-Code-Class- Mime-Mail-Class- File-Class- FSocket-Class- General Functions- Http-Socket-Class- Message-Handler-Class- MYSQL-Class- PHP-Mailer-Class- POP3-Mail-Class- Session-Code-Class- SMTP-Mailer-Class- Template-Parser-Class
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    php_mime_class is a PHP Class for parsing an raw Email according to RFCs including MIME. You get back an object with all the informations.php_mime_class is useful for all application developers who want to read out mail, without using IMAP module to handle attachments or HTML emails.
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