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    Mht File Maker is meant to build MHT MIME archives from lists of files.MHT archives are files defined according to the MIME standards to include several files usually related with an HTML page that is suitable to send by e-mail.Mht File Maker can take a list of files and generate an MHT archive that can be stored in a given ...
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    These two classes allow you to easily send emails to multiple recipients (including using Cc and Bcc headers), with either HTML content, plain text content, or both, with as many attachments as you wish.You can specify the sender and the return address as well. The email messages are sent through the SMTP server that you specify.
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    A list of files located in a specified directory can be retrieved into an array, along with details about them such as names, sizes, last access date, last modified date, etc.Key Features of Directory and file info:- Optionally traverse the given directory recursively to list files contained in sub-directories- Filter the listing by file name extension, MIME type, last modified ...
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    Client web browsers recognize headers and mime type and offer to either save the file to disk or open it using a locally available application.The files exceeding a specified size limit can be automatically compressed before being served for download.
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    mhtml parses a MIME HTML archive and extracts the contained files to a folder.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    HTTP Upload can be used to handle files that are uploaded to a server via Web forms.Features of HTTP Upload:- It supports applying upload filters to restrict the files that are accepted according to configurable criteria like: file name extension, MIME type, file size, width and height in case the files are images.- It also supports handling uploads of multiple ...
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    mimedecode.php is a PHP MIME message decoder.
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    Mail MIME Decode can parse and decode MIME e-mail messages. It takes the data of the message headers and body and returns a data structure that contains the definition of the message decode headers and body parts.Mail MIME Decode code is based on another class for the same purpose by Richard Heyes.
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    Smarty and MIME message integration wraps around Smarty and MIME message class by Manuel Lemos, and prepares the body and headers of the messages to send. Several message options can be set at once by passing an array of option values.Currently it supports options to define HTML or text message template files, the sender, recipient, bounce and reply names and ...
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    MMail can compose and send text or HTML e-mail messages with one or more attachement files.Features of MMail:- MIME encoding of text and HTML body parts.- HTML messages with embedded images - multipart/related messages.- Text and HTML versions in the same message - multipart/alternative messages.- Attachments - Addition of file parts.
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    activeMailLib is a class that can validate e-mail addresses and send MIME email messages using the PHP mail() function. activeMailLib can generate text or HTML E-mail messages with user defined headers, body parts and character encoding.File parts can also be attached to the messages.activeMailLib may also perform email address validation based on a regular expression. It may optionally check the ...
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    MIME Mail Decoder can be used to retrieve MIME e-mail messages from a mailbox of a POP3 account and decode them to extract its parts.MIME Mail Decoder can decode the retrieved messages returning the messages information in associative arrays. If there are any attachments they are stored asfiles.
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    KG Uploader Class can check uploaded to verify whether they match one of the allowed MIME types, filter the file names to replace special characters, and moves the files to a given directory.An HTML-formatted summary of the uploaded files, with their names and sized, can also be displayed.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Base32 can be used to encode data in MIME base 32 encoding according to the RFC 3548 specification.There are 3 output character sets available:- RFC 3548 (A-Z2-7)- Safe (0-9A-HJKMNP-TV-Z)- Hex like (0-9A-V)Base 32 is similar to base 64, except that it uses only letters and digits, but no symbols, so Base32 is more immune to character loss due to misinterpretation ...
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    Mime type handler can read the MIME type list from a configuration file. It reads and parse the MIME type list file. The configuration file associates file name extensions with MIME type names.
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