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  1. File MIME Script
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    This script can be used to determine the MIME type from a file name extension and vice-versa. It can take a given file name extension and return the associated MIME types.The script can also do the opposite, i.e. determine the file name extension associated to a given MIME type.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Mime Decode will enable you to decode mime email. It can for example decode the mime torture test made available by UW. It will parse a raw mime email and returnthe structure. Returned structure is similar to that returned by imap_fetchstructure().Usage:- Assuming$input is your raw email)$decode = new Mail_mimeDecode($input, "");$structure = $decode->decode();print_r($structure);- Or statically:$params['input'] = $input;$structure = Mail_mimeDecode::decode($params);print_r($structure);
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    The object will write the correct (X)HTML headers for any supported HTML set (HTML 4.01/5, XHTML 1.0/1.1/5/…) along with sending the appropriate HTTP 1.1 headers. If the User Agent does not support XHTML (all versions of IE), it will fallback to HTML 4. You may also choose to deny serving the content, if the requesting UA doesn’t support HTML. There ...
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    Multipart mime email generator library for PHP. This library enables you to send multipart mime emails with PHP. There are function to read in files, build the format of the email, then you use the created data type and use the standard php mail() function to send it. Instructions are included in the software.
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    HTML Mime Mail is a PHP class which allows you to easily send email from your PHP scripts with attachments, HTML and embedded images. Features of HTML Mime Mail:- Can send email with To,Cc, Bcc and Reply-To recipients- Can send email using the PHP mail() function, piping direct to Sendmail, Postfix, Exim and also via SMTP- Multipart email, with HTML ...
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    Uploaded File can validate an uploaded file by checking if its size is at least a given minimum value. The uploaded files can also be moved to a specified directory. There is also a subclass that checks the MIME type of the uploaded files to verify if it is an image. Requirements: PHP 3.2 or higher
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    There is one class that can process files uploaded using Web forms. PHP Simple Upload can accept uploaded files that have a MIME type from a given list. The uploaded files are copied to a given destination directory. PHP Simple Upload serves the files for download and the request content-type is set based on the file extension. Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
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    Upload and list files can display an HTML form with fields to upload a file. It can also process a form with an uploaded file by checking if the file if of one of the allowed file MIME types name extensions, and moving the file to a given directory if does not exist already. A destination directory with necessary permissions ...
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    If the finfo extension is available, use PHP Mime Type Class to determine the MIME type of a given file. When the finfo extension cannot be located, the file name extension is extracted and compared to entries from an associative array in order to determine the MIME type. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MIME E-mail message parser can be used to parse and decode MIME e-mail messages. It supports decoding single RFC 2822 MIME messages or archives that aggregate multiple messages in the mbox format. The decoded message data is returned as an array that describes one or more messages found in a message file or data string. The bodies of multipart messages ...
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    mailMine can compose a text or HTML message with optional attachment files. The composed message can be sent through the PHP mail() function. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    MIME E-mail message sending may be used to compose and send e-mail messages. Features of MIME E-mail message sending:- User definable headers and body parts.- MIME encoding of text and HTML body parts with user defined character encoding using quoted-printable.- Addition of file parts (attachments) with automatic content type detection.- Forwarding of messages received from somebody else as intact attachments- ...
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    Nexus MIME Mail is a class for sending MIME based e-mail messages.Nomad MIME Mail can send:- Plain Text- HTML- Plain Text with Attachments- HTML with Attachments- HTML with Embedded Images- HTML with Embedded Images and Attachments
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    pgp_enc.Class is an extenstion of html_mime_mail.class with pgp support.
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    Generic Mail is a PEAR::Mail wrapper class to simplify the composition and delivery of text or HTML messages, eventually with attachment files.To use Generic Mail you just need to call the sendmail function specifying the sender address, one or more receipient addresses and an array of data with additional parameters.The additional parameters include the message subject, the message text, whether ...
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