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    A simple PHP script to help webmasters make the proper changes to a WordPress database when migrating from one domain to the otherMigrating WordPress sites is not incredibly difficult compared to other CMSs, but it's complicated enough to crash your installation if you forget one or more steps.The Migrate script was created to automate the process of replacing the older ...
  2. PHP dbc parser
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    PHP dbc parser is a PHP tool for migrating a DBC data file into a MySQL database. It can be used to create a PHP web-based gaming archive from game logs.
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    PunBB Migration Tool is a migration tool to import content from other forums to PunBB and works by converting the original formatted database from the source forum into a PunBB native database.Features of PunBB Migration Tool:- Invision Power Board 1.3- Invision Power Board 2.0- MiniBB 1.7d- phpBB 2.0- PHPNuke 7.4- vBulletin 3.0.0- YabbSE 1.5.5- SMF 1.0.5- SimpleBoard 1.7d- PHP-FusionRequirements:- PunBBWhat's ...
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