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    SQL databases interface implements several interfaces to provide a DBMS independent access to SQL databases. The interfaces define functions to manage database conections, execute SQL queries and retrieve results.There are classes that implement these interfaces for MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers. Applications using these classes may use any of the supported databases eventually without changing the applications code.
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    HTML_TO_DOC can be used to convert HTML documents to Microsoft Word XML document format. It is revision of the original class written by Harish Chauhan that works with Pclass wrins older than 4.3.
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    OE generator is a simple class that can be used to generate a file to configure Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail accounts.It generates a Windows registry definition file that specifies the addresses of the SMTP and POP3 servers to use, as well the account user name and password.OE generator generates and serves the file for download, so it can be opened ...
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    Dictionary class implements the IDictionary interface to access associative arrays. It is based on the Dictionary Object of the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. It is a PHP Dictionary object equivalent to the Perl associative array.The dictionary items can be any type. These items are stored in the dictionary array. Each item is associated to an unique key. The key is ...
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    Easy Excel outputs Excel spreadsheets and charts from the data obtained from a MySQL database using the Office Web Component objects from Microsoft.Easy Excel generates HTML pages with the necessary VBScript code to define the contents of the Office Web component spreadsheet and chart objects.To see the generated pages the user needs to use Internet Explorer and have installed Microsoft ...
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    HTML to DOC classes can be used to convert HTML pages into Microsoft Word documents in the XML format.It can parse a HTML document given as a HTML data string or a page URL. Then it extracts the HTML document header and body and rewrite it with a Microsoft Word document XML header.
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    Microsoft SQL Server connection abstract (basic connection ).
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    Query Process is database access wrapper that can access either MySQL or PosgresSQL or Microsoft SQl(MsSQl) databases. It can establish connections to either a MySQL or PosgreSQL or MsSql server depending on the value set in a variable of the class.Then Query Process can be used to execute queries and retrieve result set data in arrays from any of the ...
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    PhpReportsMSSQL can generate report HTML pages from given SQL database queries. It supports either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases.PhpReportsMSSQL takes as parameters the database type, the database access arguments, an SQL query strings, the title of the report page, number of records to show in a page. It executes the SQL query and display the results in an HTML ...
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    Database conversion is meant to process SQL code with syntax that is specific to certain databases and convert it to SQL code that is database neutral.The goal of Database conversion is to help avoiding the use of SQL code that is not compatible with all the supported databases.Currently Database conversion supports converting SQL code specific to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL ...
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    authenticator is intended to authenticate users by calling a stored procedure of Microsoft SQL server named SP_Login.It works by comparing the password supplied by the user against the password returned by the stored procedure. These passwords are encrypted using the MD5 algorithm to avoid storing clear text passwords.authenticator may also output a simple login form in HTML ready to use ...
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    wordDocumentHandler can be used to convert a Microsoft Word document to HTML, RTF or plain text using COM objects. The input document formats can be Microsoft Word DOC, RTF and plain text.wordDocumentHandler can also clean the generated HTML to remove unnecessary markup that Microsoft Word adds. Of course, you need MsWord installed on the server, and Windows OS.It doesn't works ...
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    Har DB Classes provides two classes that implement the same database abstraction interface for accessing either Microsoft Access databases and other databases via ODBC.Har DB Classes for accessing Microsoft Access databases uses Window COM ADODB objects to access any Access database just by specifying the file name of the .mdb file.The functions of these classes of the same way as ...
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    CISVC is meant to encapsulate the APIs around the COM object for Microsoft Indexing service (CISVC).CISVC can perform the search query, output the search results split in multiple pages and also a navigation let the user go back and forth between the presented search results pages.
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    Excel Writer can generate spreadsheet files in the .xls XML format used by the latest versions of Microsoft Excel. It can generate spreadsheet files writing a whole rows at once, or individual row cells one at a time.
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