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    This is a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package execution PHP script to configure and execute Microsoft SSIS packages via the dtexec utility or batch file. It parses a XML file with parameters to execute defined packages, it can also invoke the dtexec command to execute a given package with the loaded parameters.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. OpenTBS
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    This package allows to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office templates with values, SQL and other data. OpenTBS is a plug-in for the TinyButStrong template engine. I can then open compressed documents in the format of OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and replace placeholders in the template by data which can be PHP variables, SQL queries, or other. The resulting documents are ...
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    Smart SQL is a simple database access wrapper that support either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server. Functions of Smart SQL:- Open and close database connections- Select the work database- Executing SQL queries- Retrieving query result rows in arrays- Handling errors by displaying the respective error message before exiting the current script and optionally sending a warning message by e-mail to ...
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    Data Table is simple class that can execute SQL queries to Microsoft SQL server database and display the results in an HTML table. It generates an HTML table that show in the first row, with a special presentatuon style, the names of the fields of the result set.The first and the last rows of data of the table are also ...
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    Informix, MiniSQL, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and all other databases accessible via ODBC are currently supported.database.class.php also provides functions to return the total number of columns and the column names of a query result set.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MsSql To XML can be used to generate XML documents from Microsoft SQL server database query results. It executes a given SQL query and adds XML document sections for each query result row.Each row section has XML nodes for each query result column. The XML document root is configurable.
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    LinkMeIn uses the login credentials of a particular user to authenticate on LinkedIn. It retrieves and parses the user contact list exported by the site in a format for Microsoft Outlook.The contact list may be returned as an array or served as the output of the current script in a RSS 2.0 format.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Microsoft DBX file reader /such as Outlook Express Mailbox database files.
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    Comment can be used to manage a generic comments system. It could be used to add comments to a blog, a guest book, etc..The comments are stored in an SQL database table. The class can install the table and associated indexes. Currently it supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL server.Comment can add new comments, update an existing comment, generate HTML forms ...
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    MapPoint PHP API can be used to access Microsoft MapPoint location finding and mapping Web services. It is a port to PHP of the MapPoint API available for ASP.NET.
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    MsDoc Generator allows it to function under Linux or other non-Windows operating systems.MsDoc Generator can prove useful for generating and serving documents that may be edited by end users using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.MsDoc Generator generates XHTML documents with special tags and attributes that Microsoft Word treats like any variant of the .doc format.
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    PHP MS Word creates a COM object to communicate with an instance of Microsoft Word running on the same machine. Several operations are then executed in order to manipulate Word documents.Key Features of PHP MS Word:- Create a new document- Open a document from an existing file- Insert text in the current cursor position or at a given bookmark position- ...
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    mdb classes is meant to access Microsoft Access .mdb database files by specifying their filenames.mdb classes uses a Windows ADODB COM object to open the .mdb database. From then on you can execute SQL queries and retrieve the result set date like with any SQL based database.
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    Have you ever used Microsoft word to create a document? No doubt its very easy to use and extremely user friendly. Our easy website editor has been based on Microsoft word document technology which ensures that you can easily with a click of a mouse can make any type of changes to your website just like you do it to ...
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    The SqlCommand class is designed to provide a simple, effective, and yet powerful way to use Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures through PHP, with the aid of the PEAR database abstraction layer.SqlCommand Class provides an object-oriented method of declaring and configuring stored procedures in your PHP code, performs strong parameter "typing" of all values passed to the database, and allows ...
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