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    This class can be used to get metadata from Flash video files. It opens a Flash video file and parses its contents to retrieve details about the video stream it contains. Currently it can return the duration, frame size, frame rate, video and audio rates and codecs.
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    Ladder PHP can create table that hold metadata information about all types of objects to be stored in the database. The tables of each application class can be created dynamically. This package Ladder PHP can save and retrieve objects of the created classes. Requirements: PHP 4.5 or higher
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    Information such as the names in the font table can be retrieved after parsing the binary metadata of TTF files. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Head generator takes as parameters optional values for page meta-tags, CSS styles and Javascript code. The start of the HTML document that contains the specified head parameters is being generated. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    With BS GetMetaData script you can get meta tags from any existing domain. Script shows domain meta title, description and keywords. There is option to show domain thumbnails from www.thumbshots.org. You can enable or disable this option. All configuration is i config.php file. For instalation only copy all files from archive to your server. Great tool for SEO optimisation!
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    Torrent files are parsed in order to extract the metadata. Torrent RW can also create a new torrent file and announce it in a given tracker server.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Metadata information can be extracted from an ID3 header, including APIC raw data of MP3 files that attach picture images.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The metadata of a BitTorrent file is extracted into an array.
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    Jack's MySQL class is wrapper to access MySQL databases.Jack's MySQL class can establish MySQL database connections, execute queries, retrieve query result metadata, escape text values, execute INSERT and UPDATE queries from an array of fields and values.
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    SWF header parser is meant to parse the header of Shockwave Flash animation files (.swf) to extract metadata information like the width and height of animation, compression status and uncompressed size, frame rate and total number of frames.SWF header parser parses Flash files using only PHP code, so no special extension is necessary. Supports both, compressed and uncompressed SWF Flash ...
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    BDecode can be used to parse and extract metadata from BitTorrent files.BDecode can read a BitTorrent file and extract the values of several types of properties into an array, like the files name and length, creator, creation date, file pieces, etc.
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    eprints Fetch can be used to retrieve and parse eprints metadata from a repository that supports OAI standard (Open Archive Initiative).eprints Fetch retrieves one or more eprint metadata documents in OAI 2.0 XML format, given the respective eprints identifiers. Then it parses the documents to extract the metadata into a class array variable.
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    clsCustomQuery can be used to execute MySQL database queries and retrieve all the result set rows and metadata into class variables.clsCustomQuery executes a given MySQL query. If it is a SELECT query it stores the result set rows in a bidimensional array class variable. It also stores the number of result set rows and columns in class variables.
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    File Icon can be used to retrieve icons and other types of metadata of a given file. It can retrieve the icon image file name associated to a file based on the file name extension. It may also return img alt="" tags to display the file icon in HTML pages.Several image files of graphic size 16x16 are provided to associate ...
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    PHP VQF Metadata Extractor will extract metadata such as artist,song title,bitrate and channel mode (eg. stereo/mono) from VQF audio files.
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