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    Google Meta Search Engine is a free script use's google web results and display's it to the user, usually meta script do not include pagination but this one does.
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    wpNoPin is a WordPress plugin to block users from sharing the site's images on Pinterest. It basically adds a special meta tag in the header that tells Pinterest to prevent their users from sharing the site's content on their network. An administration page is also provided for switching the plugin on or off. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New ...
  3. Lazy Mofo (LM)
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    LM is a script similar to PHPGrid and a meta driven datagrid and form generator for PHP 5 and MySQL 5.It can renders a datagrid of database results from a table name or SQL statement, grid features include pagination, sorting, search, and inline editing. Meanwhile, renders forms for inputing and editing data. Also updates, inserts and deletes data and handles ...
  4. WordPress Meta Keyword
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    This is a WordPress plugin to add meta keywords information to pages and posts. It will use the native WP tags as meta keywords. At activation the plugin registers a seprate taxonomy which is independent from post tags.Features of WordPress Meta Keyword:- Adding Keywords for static pages- Automatically adding code in head sectionRequirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in this ...
  5. Auto Keyword META Tag Generator
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    Auto Keyword META Tag Generator is a free PHP auto keyword generation script, which is a simple utility to allow you to generate a keyword string from the contents of your webpage.This is a simple utility to allow you to generate a keyword string from the contents of your webpage. Just cut and paste the contents of your site into ...
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    Multi-byte Keyword Generator can be used to Extract meta keywords from multi-byte texts. It is an enhanced version of the "Automatic Keyword Generator" class originally written by Ver Pangonilo. This version provides better word segmentation, the ability to handle multi-byte strings, and texts in multiple languages. Requirement: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHPSEO is a script for better SEO in PHP to allow you to generate meta keywords and description automatically and dynamically. It is a given text which can be analyzed in order to its most relevant keywords. The limit number of keywords to extract is configurable. PHP SEO can also extract a string from the original text of a limited ...
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    Globals can generate entire <HEAD> sections, including all the associated meta tags, as well as <A>, <IMG> and other tags. Globals can generate HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
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    Smart Meta Generator takes a string with the tags and data of an HTML page, remove the HTML tags and analyzes the remaining data to determine which keywords can be used to associate with the HTML page.Common and unintelligible words, as well as a list of specified words can be removed, before determining the page keywords. There are versions of ...
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    ezhtml features debugging Helper, meta tag helper, fast html page building, changing query_strings, "folders" fold parts of the page away, div helper.
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    The output of the currently running script is captured until it exists. In the end HTML Document outputs the content in the middle of a page header and footer generated by the class.HTML Document provides convenience functions to define the HTML that goes in the page header like: Javascript, CSS, RSS feed URLs and other meta tags.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    HV WDDX Metadata uses the WDDX format to describe data for generating user interfaces. From the WDDX data, any type of markup, including XUL, can be generated using XSLT. The generated markup can describe an entry form, for example.The data entered by the users in the generated forms can be validated on the client-side using javascript, or on the server-side ...
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    HTML Info can retrieve the title, meta data, images and links.
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    Generate meta tags can generate HTML tags for the html root tag, head section tags, title tags, meta tags for page character set, author, description, keywords, geographic location, title, and body tags.The generated tags are served as the current script output.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higherLimitations:The code and the comments are in Portuguese
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    XHTML Page Creator can be used to create HTML documents defined programatically. The generated documents are compliant with XHTML 1.0 standard.Features of XHTML Page Creator:- Generate HTTP headers to tell browsers and proxies that the dynamically generated and should not be cached- Configurable page title, character set, language, META and LINK document tags- Define external CSS stylesheets- Include JavaScript code- ...
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