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    Feedback class is a class that provides feedback about a site.Class Feedback makes usecase Feedback:- showing web-form with fields for fill.- when user press submit send that fields's values to specific email.- show message 'Your info was sent'.
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    Compose Mail is intended to send multipart e-mail messages.Compose Mail can send messages in HTML with an alternative text part to be viewed with e-mail programs that do not support displaying HTML messages. Optionally, it can also send multiple files as attachments.
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    Mailer Class is a simple class to compose text or HTML e-mail messages progressively, and then sends them to one or more recipients.Mailer Class provides functions to specify whether it is a plain text or HTML message, add recipients as To:, Cc: or Bcc:, specify the message subject, specify custom headers and send the message.
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    DB Cart Class can manage a shopping cart with the details stored in a MySQL database. It can be integrated with existing MySQL databases that contain the information about the products and customers. The cart can also be used without any existing customer information.Currently DB Cart Class can perform several operations on shopping carts like adding items, display the cart ...
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    Log Manager can be used to log activity to a file or the system logger. It can create a given log file if it does not exist and append new log messages.Log Manager can also open a connection to the system logger and send log messages with a given log level.
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    BlueTOC is meant to act as an AIM instant messaging client using the TOC protocol (not OSCAR). ICQ is also supported by this class. It can perform normal tasks such as receiving and sending instant messages, joining chats and other activities on the AIM network.Applications can customize the interaction with the AIM network by the means event handling callback functions. ...
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    Send messages via SMTP can be used to send e-mail messages via SMTP connections.There is one class that takes care of establishing a TCP socket connection to send and retrieve data through that socket. There is another class that establishes a connection with an SMTP server using the socket class.Send messages via SMTP can send a message an SMTP server ...
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    Bounce Handler can be used to parse bounced message reports. It parses e-mail messages with multipart report content type formatted according to RFC 1892 and 1894 documents.If the bounce is not well formed, it also tries to extract some useful information. Exim is supported, partially. Please send bounce messages from your busted MTA, I'll extend the class to support them.Bounce ...
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    Allows you to put debug messages in your code and mark them with a specific debug level. Later, when you want to output your debug messages, you can squelch out the messages with levels you don't want to see.debugger is more different than other debug classes because it is not stepping through your code like a real debugger. It is ...
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    message lets you create HTML message boxes.You can change the box title, the message box content including either text or images, as well the message box presentation details like the width, border, alignment and colors.
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    SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks, which conforms to the RFC 2812 (IRC). It provides an API that handles all IRC protocol messages.This class is designed for creating IRC bots, chats and show IRC information on Web pages.
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    ICQPagerSend script allows you to send messages using ICQ WWP service. This class assumes you want to send the same message to many UINs.If you prefer you can use the static sendMessage(r /> If ye to a single UIN.
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    Send WAP Push is meant to send WAP push messages using Clickatell Web services API. To use this class it is necessary to have a Clickatell account.
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    floMessages is a simple class that can be used to generate random text messages. It provides means to build multiple lists of text messages. Then it can pick a random message from on of the lists that was built.floMessages could be useful in an Adlib type application or in an environment requiring numerous random textual responses. It can also be ...
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    SMPP Class works as a networking client that implements a part of the SMPP protocol. It can be used to connect to a real SMS Service center or gateway and send SMS messages.
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