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    COutLook reads messages from the Inbox and Outbox of an Outlook local profile through CDO (Colaboration Data Objects). It only works under Windows.
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    The sender address, recipient address, subject, body text in either plain text or HTML format can be defined.Optionally Email class can replace template marks in the message body by corresponding template variables. If more than one recipient address is specified, the class sends separate messages to each recipient.
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    Styled Message Box can generate messages boxes in HTML for presenting errors and confirmation or warning messages.Styled Message Box uses HTML layers to present the message boxes as floating windows that can be closed. The message box window can be optionally closed when the user clicks outside the window box.The message boxes presented can configured with custom CSS styles and ...
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    Simple logging class that allows to log the events calling DLog directly or as an error handler. For each error type, you may specify how to log the information.Features of DLog:- Send an e-mail- Write to a log file- Record in a database (MySQL or MSSQL are supported, but you can extend the class to support other databases)- Display the ...
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    Ping.FM Wrapper Class can perform multiple operation by accessing the Ping.fm Web services API. It can for instance post messages or the user status, retrieve received messages, etc..Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Message Digest takes a data string and generates a message digest using a given hashing algorithm. SHA1 and MD5 hashing algorithms are supported.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    TMail is meant to deliver mass mailing HTML messages. The recipients of the messages can be specified in Cc: or Bcc: headers.
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    CEmailSender is a simple class for composing and sending text messages. It provides means for defining the message body and headers, the subject, the sender and recipient addresses.
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    mimedecode.php is a PHP MIME message decoder.
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    Mail MIME Decode can parse and decode MIME e-mail messages. It takes the data of the message headers and body and returns a data structure that contains the definition of the message decode headers and body parts.Mail MIME Decode code is based on another class for the same purpose by Richard Heyes.
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    Message Box is meant to generate Windows style message boxes in HTML. It can display the boxes with configurable title, message prompt and icons associated with the type of message box.Message Box can generate several predefined types of message boxes that define the types of buttons that appear: OK only, OK and Cancel, Abort and Retry and Ignore, Yes and ...
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    Smarty and MIME message integration wraps around Smarty and MIME message class by Manuel Lemos, and prepares the body and headers of the messages to send. Several message options can be set at once by passing an array of option values.Currently it supports options to define HTML or text message template files, the sender, recipient, bounce and reply names and ...
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    Screenreaders can switch the tooltips off (using a hidden link) and have meaningful title attributes for the corresponding web page elements.Info Box provides several means for associating tooltip messages to different page elements.The tooltip messages are defined in HTML, thus providing flexibility to the formatting of the messages that are displayed, which may include images and other formatting elements.All the ...
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    simple Email Class composes a message with an HTML body. When the message is sent it automatically includes an alternative text part by stripping the tags from the HTML part.Images can also be embedded in HTML message and several files can be attached.Requirements:PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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    Newsletter Queue can add newsletter messages to a queue that is actually a table in a MySQL database. It stores the message sender, recipient, subject and the body text.A separate process, eventually started by a task scheduler program like cron, calls Newsletter Queue queries the queue database table to retrieve the details of the messages pending to be delivered.The database ...
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