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    XMLnavs reads and parses an XML document with definitions of a navigation menu using HTML links.The menu can be rendered with images that can be changed. The generated menu can expand and hide sub-menus depending on what page is being viewed by the user.
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    Library to work with Open Catalog Format XML Dictionary. Parsing OCF to work with tree-like menus.
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    multi allows to populate the select form field with multiple choices from the database. Its very easy and simple to use.
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    Be sure to download the GIFs in the links section and put them in the same directory as the class and example file. htRoundedMenus is meant to generate navigation menus with headings and options under each heading.The menus have rounded corners on top edges. Font style, background or foreground colors, and the width of the menus may be changed.
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    This SelectBox comes with the 3 most important features you could think of:- adding items manually- as 1 but with db-support- hyperlinks.
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    treemenu2.php3 is a modification on Sword Su's code. You can now collapse menus without having to click on another. I also refined the html a bit. I am currentlyworking on an easy way to implement nested menus.
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    Utility to generate, with three lines of code, a drop down menu with 7821 Italian 'Comuni'.
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    Try to simplify and improve Sword Su's menutree class.
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    Provides an ISO standard list of countries and abbreviations in a state-maintaining popup menu.Requirements:my popup_menu.php class
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    Interactive Link Info is mean to generate a link that displays information about it in a pop-up when you click on a text icon adjacent to the link.A description paragraph will drop down underneath the link. The paragraph can subsequently be closed by clicking the same icon.This capability is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to use ...
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    ListBox class is a listbox with database-support.
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    DMenuGenerator can generate HTML menus with entries that can trigger Javascript actions when they are clicked. It provides means to define the menu entry labels, presentation styles and the Javascript code to associate to each entry.The comments in the class are in English and Portuguese.
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    Cascade Select Associative generates two HTML form select type inputs making the currently selected value on the first input determine the option values that are made available on the second.It is an enhanced version of the original class developed by Vedanta Barooah. It provides means to the define the list of dependent option values as associative arrays.Cascade Select Associative also ...
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    Navigation is meant to let you build a dynamic site navigation bar presented in the breadcrumb style. The navigation bar may display links, one for each level of the site hierarchy. The title of each level link is presented using a CSS style named breadcrumb. The current level is displayed as plain text within a span using the CSS style ...
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    PHP code that generates a DHTML Drop Down Menu. Now it can be aligned in any position !
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