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    Accessible nested DHTML menus uses nested unordered HTML lists in combination of Javascript generated by the class to build the menu elements. If Javascript is disabled, the menu will display in expanded form.The menu is customized using CSS styles. Another class is supplied to traverse the file system and builds a menu to navigate on the server file system.
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    Both vertical and horizontal menus can be generated.
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    PHP Breadcrumbs Class is a little helper PHP class that will let you create and manage your breadcrumbs.Everything is very simple (as it always is when using Object Oriented Programing) and you should be able to figure it all out by reading into the documentation and to the example file. As usually, everything is template driven!
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    fClassHTML can be used to display composite Web page elements.fClassHTML provides several classes that can compose and display predefined types of page elements like: product presentation with a link , description and image, and menu bars of links.
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    Features of Advanced PHP Form Maker:- No installation or database required. - Just upload and use. - Web interface based. Answer several questions and you have your own PHP processed form. - Absolutely no HTML or PHP experience required. - Available inputs: textboxes, areaboxes, file uploads, hidden fields, reset buttons, list menus, list lists, check boxes, radio buttons, or grouped ...
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    Features of Dropdown Menu for phpBB2:- An easy to use extension of the udm4.com ultimate dropdown menu for use on all phpBB2 installations.- Easy to install and configure. - Step by step instructions. - Dynamically populates the drop down menu with forums and sub-forums in your phpBB2 installation. - Can be modified to include last 10 posts, or other features ...
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    Easy to use and install drop down menu script for osCommerce based on the udm4 ultimate drop down menu. Automatically populates the drop down menu with the categories in your osCommerce installation. Simple installation, and configuration for osCommerce 2.x systems. Based on the popular udm4 drop down menu code, this script provides accessible and search engine friendly navigation to your ...
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    Orange and greens to match the faerie banner at the top, navigation links are buttons and the post buttons roll over to match the navigation menu. Homemade user CP at top as well as an area for news or topics_anywhere mod.UPDATED:Now for phpBB 2.0.21!
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    XP Menu Generator can be used to generate menus of HTML links similar to those of Windows XP.XP Menu Generator takes a list of menu categories and category links and generates HTML and Javascript that make all categories appear in a vertical menu bar.When the user clicks on a category, the category links appear below it. When the user clicks ...
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    DHTML TreeMenu generates a DHTML javascript driven TreeMenu from data stored in a small XML file. Supports any level of indentation and works for any browser supporting innerHTML (IE 5.5 & NS 6 )
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    The big part of programming web applications is writing a lot of code - time-consuming. Classes are usefull to save time. This class is taking care of the menu handling. The XML file is easy to create: Main navigation and sub navigation differ only from the name of the node, the id of main and sub node must be the ...
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    CWebFXMenu can be used to generate pull-down menus for HTML pages using Javascript. It can build the definition of a structure of menus, sub-menus, items and item separators.CWebFXMenu can generate HTML and Javascript to implement defined menu structure using Erik Arvidsson's WebFX Javascript libraries.
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    XML to HTML menu can be used to generate menus in XML and HTML. It can add items to the menu definition. Each item can have associated and other attributes.From the menu definition it can generate a XML document that describes the menus. The menu XML definition documents can also be generated manually or by some other process.The HTML menus ...
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    Generates a navigation system for websites with expandable/collapsable sub menus. Menu elements can be hard coded into a seperate data file or taken from a MySQL database. The menu code is then generated in either CSS form or graphical buttons (which are also generated). the necassary CSS and javascript required is also generated depending on which style of menu is ...
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    HTML Friends is a PHP wrapper to use DHTML widget scripts from the site dhtmlgoodies.com.Currently HTML Friends can wrap the DHTML widgets:- Floating window- Color picker- Calendar- Table- Order list- Tool tip- Roll menu- Tab
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