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    TreeMenu can be used for frames and custom code.
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    Tab Menu takes an array that defines the name of all the tab labels and the respective URLs and render the tabs in an HTML table using normal links. The currently active tab just displays its label text.The tab menu may be aligned to the left, right or center of the page or container element. A label text can also ...
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    file2menu can traverse recursively a given directory under the site document root and retrieve the list of files contained in the directory and any sub-directories that match a list of accepted file name extensions.HTML code, used for displaying the list of files as menu links is generated. The menu can also be saved to a given file.
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    Menu Icon is meant to create menus for PHP-GTK GUI windows. You can add items with optional icon images associating events and labels with shortcut keys, separators, an handle box.
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    Indenting is supported with some limitations.Key Features of phpTierMenu:- No depth level limit- Supports images and text- Control over major font and table properties- Great for setting up through loops
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    The menus can have a tree-like structure.
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    ULCSS multilevel menu can create multilevel menu in HTML that are compatible with all browsers, even text browsers. It uses DIV, UL and LI tags to position the menu items in conjunction with CSS styles.ULCSS multilevel menu does not need Javascript when using Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers. To work with Internet Explorer it generates 10 lines of Javascript code.
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    Automatic Drop Down Menu can build an hierarchy of menus, sub-menus and items with given link names, URLs and icon images. HTML with CSS style definitions and JavaScript are generated in order to make menus and sub-menus open as drop-downs.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Menu Bar Generator can be used to generate menu bars from a XML definition for PHP-GTK 2 applications. It can use customized icons, support tear off menus, separator and sub-menus.The menu XML definition can be read from a file or a string.
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    myMenuGen queries a MySQL database and retrieves entries that are used to define the entries of the menu.Nested HTML lists combined with CSS are generated and used to implement drop-down menus.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Nesting the objects allows for more than two levels.
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    tree_datas transforms a 2D linear array of content information into another array with a tree structure.tree_datas can be used to generate hierarchic menus for navigation in a Web site and easily return brothers, children and fathers of a given nodeThe new version is PHP5 compatible and can now sort the children of a given node.
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    Drop Down Menu meant to generate simple drop down menus using HTML tables.Drop Down Menu permits the dynamic definition of menus and sub-menu items. It uses Javascript show or hide the menus and sub-menus. The presentation of the menus is defined using Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS).
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    The generated menu can expand and collapse menu dynamically, that is when the user clicks on a menu item, all corresponding submenu items are shown (or hidden if already visible). A good example of what it looks like is the list of documents and directories in the left frame of the Microsoft Windows Explorer.The use of xPandMenu is fairly easy. ...
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    MenuTree can add named nodes to a menu. Each node may be a link item or a sub-menu title. There is no depth limit for sub-menus. Menu items may have optional icon images.HTML and JavaScript code required to make the menus display and hide when hoovering the mouse over the entries, is generated.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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