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    The table can be styled and formatted with very few lines of code with the help of StyleMenu.
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    TableToHash can convert a MySQL table into a state-maintaining popup menu(box).
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    NavTree uses both PHP and JavaScript to achieve its goal.This navigation tree will bring you a good experience to build site fast and i promise users of site will have a better experience too.
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    The list also contains military bases and possessions.Requirements: PopupMenu PHP class
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    PopupMenu provides a generic function to generate a menu. Easy to use. Try now!
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    Flexible Menu Maker takes an array with details that define the details of each link like the URL, the text to show, HTML tag attributes, target window and title.The menu links can be rendered in either the vertical or horizontal directions.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or highe
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    A PHP framework that was developed to take the pain out of programming a website. Built in to the framework is the ability to have pages (whether they be a static, HTML page. or a PHP page).And a very simple, but powerful MySQL class. Menu management, url directions (eg: example.com/this_page/ redirects to the page this_page)
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    Moving List is meant to assist in the creation of forms with pairs of multiple select inputs with buttons to move options between each of the select inputs.Moving List is useful to manage lists of values that are made of a limited set of known options. It does not generate the form inputs. It just generates the necessary Javascript code ...
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    HTML tables are used to lay out the menu entries.
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    The links used for navigation are displayed in a tab.
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    Nested Menus is able to generate nested menus in addition to normal link items.
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    Using the keyboard to keep the options selected is not required. PSPLMultiselect generates HTML and Javascript that make a select box that emulates the regular select multiple boxes appear, so it can be integrated in any HTML form transparently.The user can click on a button to pull-down a menu with all options. The options can be selected and deselected by ...
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    A value can also be selected by default through populate_dropdown.Key Features of populate_dropdown:- Populate with values from a database- Populate with values from arrays- Populate with date, month and year
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    dyna_menue uses dynamic HTML to make deeper hierarchy menu elements appear. A base abstract class is used to define the base menu interface, while an implementation class handles the menu rendering.There is also base menu link element and several sub-classes that implement other menu element variants.
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    basicMenu is simple to use and the menu can easily be customized.
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