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    Expandable Menus is a WordPress plugin for collapsing long menus in the backend menu manager. The WordPress menu manager is an utility for creating and administrating a site's menus. If a site has lots of menus and each menu has lots of options, it might get a little bit tedious changing their layout. This plugin allows the admin to collapse ...
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    Pyrostia is a free weekly menu planner letting you plan your meals and grocery shopping for the week. Pyrostia is experimental project in alpha stage. Your data is backed up frequently but we do not guarantee against data loss. Installation:In the first version installation is manual and requires the following steps:- Create a database for Pyrostia- Open inc/mysql_wrapper.inc.php and edit ...
  3. Automenu
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    This is a PHP script to generate HTML page summaries. It will go over the content of a page and generate linked summaries. Automenu looks for header tags, creates a summary and inserts it after tech <h1> tags.All inserted links are anchor linked to the proper page tag. The summary's position can be customized. Limitations:- Pages not properly formatted with ...
  4. ApPHP Tabs
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    The ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs. It may be useful for web developers who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it on boring work but instead focus on really challenging tasks. It takes you only few seconds to add or remove a tab. You ...
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    HTML and JavaScript code that relies on the JQuery library to present a collapsible hierarchical menu of tree nodes, is generated. The tree items are rendered as lists with configurable icons and actions to be associated when the user clicks on the items. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This tree menu PhillipiansTree creates a table (could be included in a template) from a php array (could be extract from a database). No level limitation, possibility of open or close nodes simultaneously, close all nodes, open all nodes, change colors and symbols.
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    The FiForms PHP Classes is an application development framework for building Web-database applications in XML, powered by MySQL and PHP. AJAX-enhanced forms, sub-forms, custom reports, and dynamically generated menus create a seamless user experience. The FiForms Framework lets you rapidly prototype and develop a Web/database front end using the latest PHP and XML technologies. It currently includes data-entry classes and ...
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    Fast rendering, Flexible CSS Style and Search Engine Friendly make KoolTabs - Powerful PHP Tab Menu the great PHP Tab Menu solution for your website navigation system. Features of KoolTabs - Powerful PHP Tab Menu: - Rendering with minimal XHTML - Search Engine Friendly - Support multiple levels tab menu - Powerful server-side interface - Object creatable with XML - ...
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    KoolSlideMenu is very Easy-to-Use PHP Slide Menu. It is based on Semantic rendering, Advanced CSS together with natural Sliding effect, Kool SlideMenu is Super Fast in rendering, Highly Appearance-Customizable and Elegant Behaviors, all making it stand out to be Excellent Choice for your Site Navigation. Some Highlighted Geatures of KoolSlideMenu - Excellent PHP Menu: - Semantic Rendering for minimal HTML. ...
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    Dynamic Multilevel Drop Down Menu retrieves the title and link URLs of items of a menu from a MySQL database product table. HTML and JavaScript code required to display a pull-down menu with links according to the hierarchy of children and parent items, is generated. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Dynamic Multi Level Menu is dynamic multilevel drop down menu designed using PHP/MySQL/Javascript. The script is scripted in very simple PHP class and JavaScript functions, which can be edited by beginners also.
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    XML Site Navigation can parse a XML file and extracts the names and the URLs of the links in the menu.A list of HTML links is generated and returned as a single string.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ObPipeMenu can add menus, sub-menus and items to the definition of menus to be used with the OpenBox window manager.The XML necessary for the defined menus is generated and is displayed as the current script output.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Menu Builder takes an array of menu items eventually with nested arrays that define sub-menus. It generates HTML lists with links for each menu item.The presentation of the menus, regular items and current page item can be changed using CSS.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    One-Level Site Menu Builder Script is intended to build your 1-level site menu on-the-fly according to menu titles/links array defined within the script. Now you do not have to write different HTML code for each page to highlight the current page in the menu, simply include the menu builder via php include() directive script and it will identify and highlight ...
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